Cooking with Moni: Making Enchiladas in under an hour!

My identity as a Mexican-American woman is significant in my everyday life. A huge part of identifying with my culture is food. This past weekend I cooked enchiladas . Cooking enchiladas reminded me of weekends at home in California. Since my mom had time during the weekend, she would cook big dishes and as a family we would sit down and eat together.

Cooking is lethargic and such an important aspect of our culture, thus, I wanted to share the recipe with you all. The following is a list of steps of how to cook enchiladas.

Estimated time: 45-60minutes

First, these are the ingredients you will need to cook this Mexican dish.

Onion (chopped)

29 0z Canned enchilada sauce (I’d recommend Las Palmas brand, red or green)

16 tortillas (depends how many people, 16 feeds 3-4 people)

2 chicken breast

Monterrey Shredded cheese

1 tbsp olive oil

9×13 baking dish


salt & pepper

Next, is the cooking process:

  1. Boil the chicken breast for 15 minutes, add salt and pepper as desired

2. Let chicken cool. Once chicken breasts are cool, shred it.


3. Chop ½ onions and sauté on skillet for 3-5 minutes


      4.Sauté chicken with onion in skillet for 7-10 minutes, medium temperature


      5. Add half of the enchilada sauce can into skillet and mix with chicken for 2 minutes

Enchilada Sauce
Enchilada sauce mixed with chicken

6. Turn off skillet, let chicken cool.

7. Warm up tortillas in microwave for 20 seconds

8. Add the chicken to the tortillas in the center and roll them up, you can use a     toothpick to hold it together (see picture below)



9. Place your tortillas in the baking dish next to one another


   10. Pour the rest of enchilada sauce over your enchiladas


11. Spread 1 cup sliced or shredded (more if desired) mozzarella cheese on enchiladas


   12. Preheat oven 350F (10 minutes)

13. Bake enchiladas for 20 minutes, or until cheese is melted

Finally, let it cool and ENJOY!

I really hope you do try and make this! It’s a special dish and I love eating it anytime I have a chance!

Have you had Mexican food? If so, what’s your favorite dish! Comment below.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. mslolaaaa says:

    I LOVE TO COOK, and this looks so delicious. Will definitely give this a try. Thanks for sharing! As far as fav Mexican dish, I’m going to say tacos lol. I love having tacos night at my house.

    1. hernandezmonica says:

      Taco night is also my favorite!!! It’s so hard to find good mexican food in NYC so I always end up cooking it on my own.

  2. 4theloveofshooz says:

    Yummy! That looks delicious! I will try this recipe for sure. Thanks for sharing!

    1. hernandezmonica says:

      You’re welcome! Let me know how they turn out.

  3. mohammedalajlan1991 says:

    Woow it looks delicious.Mexican food is one of my favorite.The problem is i’m terrible at cooking.I think I will ask my roommate to cook it for me 😀

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