Two Famous Cities in One Country have Different Lifestyles

LA and NYC are in different locations in the U.S, so they have differences in terms of weather and lifestyle. As we see on the map, Los Angeles is located on the southwestern coast of the United States, where the climate is warmer through the year than what it is in New York City. The northeastern coast of the U.S is the location of New York City; the distance from there to the North Pole is much shorter than what it is from LA. Hence, the climate is much colder in the winter. Furthermore, people get excited when snow falls in NYC since there are seasonal activities that they can do like ice skating and skiing for example. On the other hand, summer is the most popular season in LA since there a lot of beaches like Santa Monika Vince beach for instance, so people over there like to spend their time on the beaches as they have a lot of things to do their like volleyball, tanning hiking etc. Living in LA is so wonderful; in NYC, you have to use the train or the bus as a daily transportation method, which can cost sometimes more than what gas do in LA. Furthermore, driving in NYC can be frustrating especially in the rush hours, not to mention the parking rates, which are so expensive and are more than LA parking, as well as the grocery which is cheaper by 38% approximately. When it comes to traffic jams and the flow of motor vehicles, LA is way better than NYC, in addition to the drivers friendly nature and considerable mentality. However, in NYC, the situation opposite of that; bus and truck drivers drive so recklessly without considering their vehicles sizes or weight.


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  1. abaalkhaila says:

    I miss LA I lived there for 3 years and the weather was very amazing . I hope soon I will back and visit Californian

  2. trini1986 says:

    I visited LA once a month for about a 3-4 month span in the spring last year and I would have to say I prefer NYC but weather wise ill take LA lol

  3. hernandezmonica says:

    I am originally from Los Angeles, CA and I am actually in love with NYC. I hate driving my car everywhere when I am home. Traffic is a nightmare and I do not like being stuck in a little box for multiple hours. Sure, the train in NYC is congested, but I’d rather sit and close my eyes and relax, then yell at people while being stuck in traffic.

    The weather is beautiful in LA but it gets old quick. I appreciate the seasons changing. I think its amazing. Overall, although a southern california native, I love the roughness of NYC.

  4. dilireba says:

    Because of they have differences that’s why I love both.:)

  5. chrishyao says:

    I’m kind of tired of NYC’s weather. It’s made me feel depression in winter. Can you believe there is a snowstorm in March!

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