The Beautiful Game

Football or as its formally known in the U.S as “Soccer” was given the nickname the “beautiful game” by world renowned Brazilian soccer legend Pele. Its the game I grew up playing from the very first time I could walk, its my first love amongst other things. Soccer is the national sport of Trinidad & Tobago where I was born and raised, its what most kids play and dream about playing from a very young age. Everyone and any one can play Soccer. Its the poor peoples game in many countries,including mines, it gave us a sense of freedom and happiness that no money can buy. Growing up many of us couldn’t afford to purchase balls or goals, all we had and needed was a tiny area, a home made ball, a few rocks for goal posts and an our childish imagination. Soccer gave me hope that one day I would be able to provide for my family, it brought a smile to our faces when things in our lives weren’t as they should be, it brought many people together when there was little hope or when there lives were filled with sadness, Soccer is like no other sport in the world. Its the beautiful game that filled my hearts with joy, its what eventual brought me to the United States and eventually New York. If Soccer isn’t the beautiful game then I don’t know what else is.


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  1. hernandezmonica says:

    I love soccer! I used to play in highschool and a bit in college. I haven’t kicked a ball in a while but I love your post and how you described the connection you have with the sport. There is a beauty in the sport and how it is played. I would call it an art!

  2. fcicchet says:

    Soccer, in my opinion, IS “the beautiful game” because of its simplicity, let me explain. It’s a an amazing wonder that such a complex, intricate and even dynamic sport like soccer can be played just about anywhere. A plot of land and a ball is all you need. Futbol is our worlds sport, it’s inexpensive, and so everyone can compete and have the same experience. Soccer unites our world in ways other sports cannot dream of, it truly has a global reach. It is unfortunate that FIFA dominates the global sports pages in the soccer section. I would love to read an article on the upcoming 2016 Centennial Copa America if you have some noteworthy predictions.

    Fun fact you might not have known…hockey players warm up their hips and knees by juggling a soccer ball with teammates. Soccer is everywhere!

  3. trini1986 says:

    its my one true love and i still play today weekly with my friends indoors and out, we are feigns on fifa16 on the ps4 and watch it avidly, like today before class i watched Champions league lol

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