How should the bills be split?

This past weekend I overheard a group of women discussing relationship issues, the duties and the responsibilities they expect from their partners and spouses. One of the women brought up finances and how the man is supposed to take care of ALL of the bills within the household.

Do you agree or disagree with her statement?

For me I would have to say no. I think the bills should be split 50/50 unless your spouse insists and wants to take on all of those responsibilities but it should never be expected. In my family, my dad takes care of the “bigger bills” such as rent, car payments, groceries, etc., and my mom pays the “smaller bills” such as cable, the phone bill and the light bill.

Do you think women should take care of the house responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children etc. and the men should take care of all of the finances such as mortgage, rent, car payments, light bills, cable bills etc.?


Do you think women and men should split ALL bills and responsibilities 50/50?

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  1. hernandezmonica says:

    My family also splits our bills like your family. Since my dad makes a little more than my mom, he pays the big bills while my mother takes care of the smaller bills.

    I think its fair and I don’t ever expect for my husband to take care of all the expenses. I consider myself a bit of type A, thus, I feel that I will definitely create a budget with my husband to see how we take care of our expenses together. I believe that everything in relationships should be 100/100.

    1. 4theloveofshooz says:

      Yes I agree with you 100%. I think for most households the man usually takes care of the bigger bills but I think you should definitely take care of the expenses together.

  2. Samantha says:

    I agree that things should be more split. I don’t like the idea that a certain gender has to have a certain role. If the man likes to cook or can cook better than the woman, let the man cook. If the woman makes her own money and can contribute financially, she should do so. I think things should be divided by ability, not gender or societal norms.

    1. 4theloveofshooz says:

      Yes I agree! Unfortunately the society we live in today is divided by social norms and I honestly don’t think it’s fair.

  3. Sultan Alkhadli says:

    It always depends on the family’s situation. However in my opinion usually the woman is better than the man to take care of the home such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children because I believe women have more patience than men do and this what home and children always need.

    1. 4theloveofshooz says:

      Interesting point, I think men have the ability to take care of household responsibilities just as much as women. I think we are slowly but surely transitioning into a society where women and men can equally share household responsibilities and bills. Society has set these “gender roles” into play. Thanks for your comment!

    2. fcicchet says:

      Interesting, I don’t think women are better home makers than men. I think in traditional patriarchal communities men have delegated women the traditional role of a home maker, who cleans, cooks, cares for the children, but I don’t think they are better at this role. Both sexes have unique strengths such as patience and the ability to foster a child’s growth. Families should do what’s best for them financially and they should also play to each other strengths of course.

  4. trini1986 says:

    I believe bills should be split evenly in a household

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