Gofundme Yay or Nay


Recently every time I flip through my Facebook page, there is a “Gofundme” ad. Someone seeking monetary help from the public for something; whether it is for medical bills or aiding a homeless person. There has been a reported $160 million dollars raised since Gofundme was created. 160 Million dollars!! Now although this is the reason why GofundMe was created in the first place ( i.e to help anyone ask for funds from the public), there have been some Gofundme causes that are just out of place.

For instance would you donate money to a cause that says “gofundme buy a new pair of louboutins’? The other day I read a Gofundme post where someone asked for $100,000 to start her own business. My first question was “why would I give you money to start your own business?” “Isn’t that what banks are meant for?”. It would be different if the crowd was entitled to own shares in that business; then they will have something to gain. Aren’t we all running the same race? Why will we just gift you money to start your own business? To cut the long story short I didn’t respond to that Gofundme.

It is one thing to help someone who is terminal ill and in need for immediate funds, and it is another thing to help finance someone’s Chanel purse. Paying for someone’s Chanel or Gucci purse does NOT feel right.

A few weeks ago I was on Facebook again, and I saw a very disturbing photo my friend posted of an 8-year-old African boy who was suffering from a kidney failure. His stomach was bloated to the size of a 9-month pregnant woman. His father was poor and probably didn’t make up to $300 a year, so he clearly couldn’t afford to pay for the necessary surgery. My friend met this boy on a bus in Africa and he was so touched that he decided to change his direction and destination, created a Gofundme account and in less that 3days the boy was in the recovery room recovering from surgery. The $15000 demanded was met under a week!

Many people responded to this Gofundme for many reasons. I responded for one simple reason… It felt like the right thing to do.


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  1. Samantha says:

    I’ve seen some really crazy Gofundme accounts including one for Kanye West. Somebody was trying to raise money for Kanye! I think the accounts get crazier and crazier because people feel like they can finally ask for help (even for things they shouldn’t ask for help for) without the “shame” that some may feel comes with asking for help face to face. Social media has given people a platform to become who they “want to be” online and now I guess it has also given them the space to do this. But as you mentioned, there are some great accounts out there!

  2. hernandezmonica says:

    As someone who works hard to pay for my own bills and leisure activities, it makes me angry to see someone raising funds for their Chanel bag or vacation to the islands. A lot of people feel entitled and want other folks to give them money simply for existing.

    I will gladly donate to people who need the money! I will donate to causes I believe in. But I will never donate to pay for someone’s Gucci bag.

    Great post!

  3. 4theloveofshooz says:

    I’ve seen some crazy GoFundme accounts as well. I’ve see someone actually get money to attend the Floyd Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight in Vegas. Those tickets were crazy high but still this is not something you should be begging money from people for. There are a lot of other people who actually use this platform to raise money for positive things. My sister made one because she needed money to travel to NY. I thought it was silly.

    1. ChristineA says:

      haha. I wonder did your sister get funded?how much did she make @4theloveofshooz

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