Conversation requires one to balance between listening and talking. Striking a balance is a conversational competence that most people overlook especially conversations that need attention to details. As a result, one requires to be aware of ten conversation tips before holding any conversation.

Any person should not multi-task, during a conversation, to ensure a person is present in the real interaction-taking place. Staying focused and being present means ignoring previous arguments and cease contemplating about future events. A person should also not pontificate in a conversation between two or more people. Pontification involves conversing without expecting a response or argument. Arguably, a conversation is unhealthy if parties in an interaction cannot give a counteraction or response. The fact that pontification is not healthy in a conversation implies that people should use open-ended questions that permit a person to listen, think and give a response. An open-ended conversation ensures that a conversation has ‘good flow’ of ideas and that are easily created and released from the minds of the people conversing. The same good flow guarantees that if a person does not know or is unaware of an issue; the person will agree that he or she does not know openly.

Elsewhere, people holding a conversation should not equate or compare experiences. For example, if the first person laments that he or she lost a relative, the second or third person should not introduce a similar issue (Panjwani). Elsewhere, a person should not repeat or rephrase a certain issue or topic previously discussed. Similarly, parties in a conversation should avoid giving details, but be brief, listen, remain interested and engage in the conversation.


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