Riyadh City

Riyadh is the capital city of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . There are a big change in the education and transportation  between 2000 and 2015 . The education and transportation  in Riyadh are developing every years.

Frist of all, the education in 2000 there were just two universities . The population in Riyadh was growing very fast every year . For this reason the government was building more than six universities in Riyadh in 2015. The good thing now many universities in Riyadh are high evaluated with other universities in the world. The education in Saudi Arabia specifically in Riyadh much better than 2000. In addition, there are many students they work in international companies after they graduated from different universities in Riyadh. In the past the  number of  students whose finish study in the university was very low in comparison with 2015. The big change in the education not just in Riyadh but in Saudi Arabia  is study in  foreign countries . The biggest university in the world just for woman was building in Riyadh in 2008. The university estimated space 8 million  meters . The university name  (Princess Nourah bint  Abdulrahman University)

Second, the transportation in Riyadh is much better in 2015 than 2000.  In 2015 the Ministry of Transportation they started to building metro called (King Abdullah project of  public transport) it is helps many people to move  easily . The big problem now in Riyadh is environmental pollution because many cars and trucks in the streets. In 2000 there were a few cars and trucks. In my opinion the transportation was not harmful the environmental but 2015 it is change . Now there are many exhaust from the cars and trucks . Also when metro will finish it will add more pollution . Riyadh city now more congestion than 2000 because the number of the transportation. However, the transportation in Riyadh is developing every year to compete the world in transportation .

In my opinion, Riyadh city is developing every year in many areas like education and transportation. This development have some pros and cons. I think the pros are more than cons. There are many changes in Riyadh between 2000 and 2015.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest countries in the development not just in education and transportation . Also in medicine and media etc.… .  Now we are in 2016 after many years Riyadh city will be one of  the most important cities  in world in the education and transportation and many things.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. mohammedalajlan1991 says:

    I really miss being in riyadh it’s been long time really.I hope me and you could be participate in the development

  2. naifalbarzan says:

    It’s really one of the best cities now. Now, it’s a competitor city in the world with its economy and education. I’m really missing its crowd.

  3. mbindere says:

    almost finished, I will be there soon!!

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