The Facts about Sherry Turkle’s TED Talk entitled, “Connected, but alone?”


Sherry Turkle in her TED Talk entitled, “Connected, but alone?” explains how individuals in the Age of Technology have become psychologically dependent on their devices so that they can always connect with others virtually rather physically. Turkle explains that these habits not only affect people’s ability to “relate” to others, but their capacity for “self-reflection” (“Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone?” par. 6). The psychologist explains that technology allows people to “control” the level of interaction that they have with others (“Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone?” par. 8). Turkle explains that this creates the “Goldilocks effect,” allowing other individuals to be “not too close, not too far, just right”. She explains further that devices have helped persons to deal with the anxiety of being alone rather than seeing it as an opportunity to develop the “capacity for solitude” (“Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone?” par. 19). The psychologist explains further that solitude helps a person to find himself so that he can “reach out to other people and form real attachments”. Turkle is correct in her assumptions because messaging, texting, posting, and emailing allow the individual to control how she interacts with another while she is online. She is unable to do this when she is offline. Hence, she might prefer to text rather than interact with persons in a physical environment. When she decides to have an actual conversation with another person she has difficulty making eye contact and listening to everything that the person is sharing with her in real time. Furthermore, engaging with a device enables her to cope with the anxiety of being alone. It is important to connect with other individuals so as to develop the art of making lasting friendships. However, to do this one has to learn how to be alone and find himself in the state of solitude before he is able to connect well with others in the physical world.


Enjoy Watching Sherry Turkle: Connected, but aloneScreen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.31.16 PM.


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  1. fcicchet says:

    Very interesting, especially the “capacity of solitude” part. One of my favorite comedians Louis CK always says that humans need to learn to cope with that inner feeling of emptiness at times, instead of just connect with others on a cell phone. I think just because young children are smart enough to work social technologies, it doesn’t mean that they are mature enough to handle these technologies. Hopefully early childhood educational institutions around the world can address this issue.

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