Trinidad, my home, my birth place, my one true love. I will forever and always be a Trinidadian or “trini” as we are called, despite the fact that I am a U.S citizen now, having attained it through my service in the U.S. Army. It represents who I am, gave me this wonderful accent that everyone likes lol and continues to ask whether we speak english or not, and yes we do, lol just ” broken english”. Trinidad will always be my home, even though I live in the United States, that warm sun beating on your face everyday, cool sea breeze that blows across the island, birds chirping at the crack of dawn, unless you live in the country side or down south, nothing compares to living the life of an islander.

Paradise for me can be very different to someone else, but then not much people can boast about being from an island and having an accent lol, but having access to the beach whenever you want is definitely a bonus, waking up to 80 degree weather will make most living on the east coast kinda jealous (lol). Thats why growing up in Trinidad brought such joy, having your mom go outside and pick  fresh fruits every morning for me to have for breakfast, the scent of fresh floured bake with melted cheese and sausages from your neighbors kitchen next door, as homes are right on top of each other, or even bothering  them for milk or sugar if you ran out, walking down the street and seeing people arguing over what happened in the news or sports from the day before, taking a taxi or bus that has to drive on tiny roads brings some excitement to your daily commute to and from home.

The heat can be over bearing at times, but then again I would prefer 85degree weather all year round that having to deal with 25 degree weather for about 6months. There are only two seasons in Trinidad or for any island in the Caribbean, sun and rain, which makes for a perfect paradise or vacation get away. I know reading this many would be asking the question why the hell Im I living in New York (lol), and not back in Trinidad sipping on  a cold coconut water straight from the nut, where a vendor climbed the tree himself to be able to sell me (lol) its cause I came here to achieve the American dream, lol how ever you want to interrupt that. Paradise is where ever you wish it to be, mines is my birth place, TRINIDAD, and even though I visit there twice a year, I still yearn to be back there permanently, I tell people all the time I am a summer baby, and now you know why, I grew up wearing shorts, tanks, tee shirts and shades all day every day, and its why I have this complexion also from playing as a kid in the burning sun.

The love I have my home is second to only that of my daughter and in due time I will be reunited fully, where the weather is always beautiful, beaches are always filled,warm sand under your feet, coconut trees shading you partially from the sun so you do not get fully sun bathed or even sun burned,  food is always on point, filled with spices that make your mouth water every time you take a bite,  and people as friendly as you will ever find anywhere on the planet.



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  1. 4theloveofshooz says:

    I would love to visit Trinidad some day!

  2. fcicchet says:

    That is an amazing picture, I’ve heard Trinidad is an incredible place. I wonder if its affordable and easy to visit, I’ll look into it!

  3. hernandezmonica says:

    It sounds like you have a lot of love for your country! It looks so beautiful. It is definitely on my places to visit. What do you suggest I see and eat?

  4. trini1986 says:

    thank guys and yes its very affordable to visit and I suggest you go to maracas bay and our sister isle Tobago, with regards to what you should eat, you should definitely try a chicken roti and our main dish pelau

  5. mslolaaaa says:

    Trinidad is definitely on my list of places that I would like to visit! My father went there for a mini conference last summer and told me he loved it! I definitely cannot wait to travel there! Thank you for giving me a visual of your experience!

    1. trini1986 says:

      thank you 🙂 and you will love it

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