Are all sugars created the same?

Ok there are a million things to say about this topic.

Some people feel that they are much better off consuming a 200 calorie cookie, which contains about 26 grams of sugar, rather than consuming a whole mango which contains 200 calories and has 46 grams of sugar. But are all sugars the same?

The short answer is NO!! This is why; Sugars used for baking, and sweating teas, coffees etc, are called ‘Refined Sugars’ and sugars in fruits are natural sugars. Although the sugars found in fruit are mostly the same as those in refined sugar( glucose, and fructose), their absorption in the body differ. Let me tell you why…

– FIBER: When fiber is present, for instance in fruit sugar, digestion is slower, giving you a ‘full feeling’ and also reducing hunger. The huge difference between refined and natural sugars is their fiber content. Refine sugar has been processed, therefore stripped of its fiber and nutrients. As a result, refined sugar is quickly broken down into glucose causing spikes in insulin and blood sugar levels. So you will feel a quick burst of energy immediately after consuming a meal packed with refined sugar. If you do not use this energy immediately, your body will quickly turn it into fat. Also because refined sugar is digested quickly this prevents the feeling of fullness; therefore sooner than later after a high calorie meal containing refined sugars, will you find yourself hungry again.

-FRUIT; Contains many antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, but most importantly, fruit is an excellent source of fiber. As mentioned above, fibre slows down digestion, releases glucose slowly into the blood, thereby regulating blood insulin spikes and preventing the spontaneous conversion of glucose to fat. In addition, unlike refined sugar, fiber in fruit expands in your gut, making you feel full. Fiber is the biggest secret as to why fruit sugars are not as dangerous as refined sugar, preventing the sugars from being rapidly broken down and stored as FAT!!!.

To recap: – Refined sugar will be digested quickly and stored into fat while natural sugars will be slowly digested, therefore releasing small amounts of sugar periodically into the body keeping you full for a longer period. And trust me when you are trying to lose weight, staying full for a longer period is imperative.

So I wonder dear readers, after reading this article, what will you be having for desert?  A mango, or a biscuit??

A penny for your thoughts… or should I say a mango for your thoughts?





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