Your True Richness Comes From Impacting Lives!

I believe everyone is put on this Earth to be successful. And by success, I mean discovering and serving your God given purpose. I personally believe fulfillment in life is achieved that way.

At the beginning of this year, I launched my very own organization named DearAmbitiousGirl. The idea of this organization has been a thought in my head since I was a sophomore in college, which was about 3 years ago. I needed time to solely focus and fully comprehend what it is that I truly wanted to create.

The sole mission of DearAmbitiousGirl is to rebrand the perspective that society has on young women in the urban community. I created this organization to serve as a platform that is all about female empowerment within underrepresented communities. I desire to inspire and encourage women to NEVER settle for less than they deserve. Whether it is academically or socially. Basically, just in every aspect of their lives, I want women to remember that SELF-LOVE is important. Also to remember that the most important skill you can develop is to think for yourself, once you exercise your mind and you will be amazed. DearAmbitiousGirl promotes EDUCATION, SOPHISTICATION, and BEAUTY.

Since I just started this organization, I am focusing on branding myself and building my audience. I am trying to get myself out there and continuing to keep people aware of certain topics pertaining to updates on my website and via social media. I plan to do community service and try to get schools (High schools & colleges) involved with the community service aspect. I also plan on hosting workshops and events. I want people to be interactive and engaged with DearAmbitiousGirl rather than just reading things that I post. I am currently in the works of planning a professional networking social event for this summer. So I am excited about that. My main goal is really to motivate people, help people be aware, inspire, and cultivate a platform where young women and everyone generally can benefit professionally, mentally, physically and just personally in their lives.

To learn more information about DearAmbitiousGirl, check out my website and through there you will have access to our social media accounts!

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