$700 Shoes Will Kill Your Feet!

Last May I invested in my first pair of high end designer shoes. I bought some brand new Christian Louboutin red bottom heels for my birthday and I’ve only worn them ONCE due to the fact that they hurt my feet so bad! I paid about $700 for these shoes and you would think for this price these shoes would at least be comfortable. Nope, not even the slightest bit. After a night of dancing and walking around I could not feel my toes the next day. I thought I needed to check myself into the ER because I could barely stand up. These shoes are not meant to party and walk around in. These shoes are made for sitting down and being cute. I don’t understand how celebrities can walk around in these shoes for hours and not scream bloody murder! I did some research on how to make these shoes more comfortable and I ended up taking them to Saks to have them stretched on a machine. Apparently, they experience this issue with these shoes all the time, the So Kate style to be exact. If you are thinking about buying these shoes just make sure you buy it 5 sizes larger than your normal size as well as gel pads, toe cushions, ice packs, Advil, bandages, and a Groupon for a 60 minute foot massage.


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  1. Samantha says:

    I don’t know how the celebrities do it either! They have mastered the art of walking in uncomfortable shoes all day long. I was going to invest in red bottoms once upon a time, but I decided not to because I realized the price was so high not because of comfort or quality, but just because of the name. You pay $700 just to say you’re wearing a certain designer. As beautiful as the shoes are, I knew it wouldn’t be worth the investment for me personally, especially since I take the train everywhere, even after a party. I did not know that you could go to a store and have your shoes stretched. That’s pretty interesting!

  2. hernandezmonica says:

    These shoes are so beautiful! I’ve always wanted a pair but wasn’t sure if they would be comfortable. I figured they wouldn’t be since they are a luxury and most luxuries are meant to be beautiful and not worn excessively.

    I do think it’s great though that the company has a stretching machine! I hope in the near future Christian Louboutin starts widening the shoes. Not every woman has petite feet and I feel that these shoes are often marketed for women who have petite feet.

  3. mslolaaaa says:

    Wow, I never knew these shoes would hurt so bad! They actually put meaning to the saying “beauty is pain”. And exactly being that you paid $700 for those shoes, you would expect a level of comfortability. I was actually thinking about buying myself a pair in the near future for my birthday. But now that I know this, i’ll just hold off on them lol.

  4. ChristineA says:

    These are by far the most uncomfortable brand shoes ever! even Mr Christian Louboutin himself said that he’ll be mortified if someone wore his shoes and said “these shoes are so comfi!” haha! Women we suffer a lot for fashion and style. Red bottoms suck to walk in but they’re just one of those things that you know is bad for you… yet you can’t resist!!

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