The first trip in my life


On September 2011, I went to Prague the capital city of Czech Republic in Europe. The reason from this trip was to attend a conference about Public Relations. It was my first trip experience outside the Middle East and I was alone. I was excited about my trip. The duration of the trip was seven hours .I never imagined that the flight will be that long. I arrived to Prague International airport, and after 45 minutes I finished everything and I went to Hilton hotel.  Also, it was the first time when I used the bus and the train in my life. At first, it was complicating to me, but after that I know how to use them. As a result, this experience helps me now here in New York. The funny story that happened to me, I wanted to go to a mall, and I asked the taxi driver if it is near from here so I can go walking. He said you have to take a car because it is far from here. I took the taxi and after 10 minutes I arrived to the mall. After 3 hours I decided to walk back to the hotel to see how far it is. The surprise thing was the hotel not far from the mall it was just one block from the mall.  the taxi driver wasn’t honest with me. I gained a lot of lessons and experiences from this trip. Everything from this trip helps me now.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sultan Alkhadli says:

    Same as Uber they take the longest way to your destination 🙂

  2. mohammedalajlan1991 says:

    wow,it’s look interesting,but i’m curios about what language do they speak in Czech?

  3. abaalkhaila says:

    It’s English language they speak there.

    1. They speak Czech throughout the country, but most places in Europe, when there’s an international meeting, will speak in English. I love Prague and used to go there often when I lived in Berlin.

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