One gum has changed my whole life

First let me introduce myself.
My name is Sultan Alkhaldi I’m 27 years old I was very lazy student that I didn’t care of what happening on my classes.

Until one day, during class in an elementary school I was setting in the back next to the corner and chewing a gum. When the teacher entered the class he caught me with and angry face and asked me as a punishment to stand up during the remainder of the class and throw the gum away.

While I was standing I was really bored and I had nothing to do, so I focused on the teacher’s lesson.
After he finished the lesson he asked all students to answer one question, but no one could answer except me. He was surprised and even though he was made of me, he didn’t keep silent and told me fantastic!! you completely understand the lesson and did a great job, set down. These tow sentences has changed my studying life for the better.

I learned to focus on my teacher’s lesson and to pay close attention at my university from this experience.

Upon graduation, I was the second highest student in my major. After graduation I had great success in finding a job in my field of Media and Communication. My job offered me a scholarship to study English and complete my master degree and now here I’m.

Finally a view words could do a big effect in somebody’s life so don’t keep them.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. abaalkhaila says:

    Same time a small mistake can make a big change in our life .

  2. Sultan Alkhadli says:

    You’re right. Hopefully a good change for everyone. Thanks!!

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