my first trip with AMERICAN AIRLINES

its been almost two months since i had traveled inside the U.S.A.It’s looks for me like if I was traveling to another country because of

the rules and people are different in every single state.On that trip which was going to Chicago from American Airlines I had a big trouble that it started when

I got into the airplane.I was carrying a small suitcase because I don’t want to worry about loss it,sometimes the airline making a mistakes such as lost your stuff.Unfortunately, the airplane

was full of luggage, so they asked me to leave my bag out of the airplane and then pick it up in Chicago airport.Well,at least i didn’t

have to pay it.When I arrived to Chicago airport,i went to the place that I can take my suitcase.After maybe 20

minutes waiting my luggage to show up I started to think that I have to go to their office and ask them.When i got there he asked me

about my bag number in order to track it,as soon as I saw him searching I already recognized it got lost by seeing the employee

expression.He told me my suitcase is on the next trip which will be here soon.On that moment I got pissed off because I was expecting

something like that will happen.when I told him that it wasn’t my choice to not taking my stuff with me,he told that they are apologize and they will fix the problem as fast as they could,and he was so nice in his discussion with me.He told me that I don’t have to wait at the airport we can deliver it to you as soon as we have it.At the end,I had no choice other than accept my situation,so I when I was on my way to my friend house which was taken one hour driving by a car,I got a call from strange number telling me,this is American airlines,we apologize for any inconvenience,but we do have your suitcase immediately would you give us your home address so we can deliver it to you?.After that call, I felt relief because they fixed my problem very fast,faster than I expected.Lately,after i arrived to my friend house,I heard some one knocking the door,then I went out to see who is out.I just found my suitcase with massage from American airlines saying, we appreciate your patient and we apologize for our mistake, we will make sure that won’t happen again.In conclusion,i didn’t like what happened in the beginning,but I felt good and impressive how they fixed my problem very fast.


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  1. abaalkhaila says:

    I had the same problem but with Delta airlines I loss my daughter stroller . But you are lucky you got your suitcase in the same day I got the stroller after three days .

    1. mohammedalajlan1991 says:

      well,let’s say both of us weren’t lucky
      because if we were non of this will happen 🙂

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