Great Places To Study for Your Final

Hi, guys how are you and how is your preparing for the final exams and projects?

For me it’s been a hectic week, I have to do a lot of works.

I have to spend too much time studying and writing, but I don’t like to be in one place for a long time because  I would get pouring so I couldn’t focus in my work.

Also, I am that kind of student who doesn’t to work for a long time in a quiet place such us home, so I like to study in places that have other students studying. Therefore, if I am in a place like NYIT library where all students are studying, I would focus more and done a lot of work.

However, I don’t like to be in one place every day, so I like to study in different places that help me to study so I found two places that are amazing and attractive and quiet in fact they made it for student to study. Also, I love coffee because I hooked on Caffeine that was one of my blogs.



Starbucks2This my favorite place I love it. I usually goes there, but  every Saturday afternoon you will find me there (:

It is located in a beautiful place that include free parking and smoking area and comfortable chairs  with attractive view.


157-41 Cross Bay Blvd, Queens, NY 11414
This my favorite coffee at all they have a delicious, we have it in my country too IMG_4859
Even the coffee is delicious, they have a great place to study. They designed to make you concentrating in your work that include everything would help you to study like music, light and books. I  love it
It is 10 min walking from NYIT
 Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, 1611 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Please let me Know if you know places to study



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you for sharing, Saleh! I will go there during final to finish my paper. It seems not to be a lot of distractions there.

    1. saleh8 says:

      you are welcome I sure you will like them Good luck in your paper

  2. Monoploy says:

    I always go to Starbucks almost every day, also Coffee Bene, I go there like once a week but not for reading or finishing the project, I just go there for coffee and desert. I can’t read at somewhere but my room and only myself, otherwise, I can’t concentrate. 🙂

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