Honduran Holiday

giphyThe acclaimed ugly holiday sweater never see the light of the day, nor do they ever cross our minds for the holiday Wishlist. 25 to 18 Celsius can be almost called the beginning of summer.However, we fool ourselves that is freezing outside. That’s only one side of the spectrum of a Honduran holiday, though.



giphy-2The Christmas ornaments hit up the stores since October or even September on the sales section. We all complain that every year is way too early to put these on the store shelves even though we get at least one singing santa as a table center piece or something for the christmas tree every store visit.


giphy-3By November we are already making a list and savoring the seasonal food for December.Moreover deciding whose family member will be hosting the party for the everlasting wait to eat at 12am on the 24th. Nonetheless, that doesn’t come after we all have hugged and give our blessing to each other if we like some of the members, if not we ignore them. Poor Honduran person if her/her family is more to 30 members because it takes a while.by that I mean a WHILE.

Regardless the things we have and don’t have, I like spending my holidays as a Honduran.We get to play with gun powder, dance, and eat until we are stuffed.


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