Guilty Till Proven Innocent?

I get it there are laws, there are procedures, and there is protocol to follow when it comes to the law. And rightfully so. If I was innocent of a crime, and I got treated like I was guilty and put in jail cell till it was proven otherwise, I would not be happy at all. However, if I admitted fault to a crime, and confessed to it,  then I think it would be expected for me to pay for my crimes in jail. That’s what you would think but that isn’t the case in this country. In this country, putting a band aid made out of money on the situation fixes the problem.

My friend has a six year old daughter with a man (if you can even call him that) that is an admitted pedophile. Police arrested him for distributing naked pictures of the little girl. After the arrest, he openly admitted to the police that he was in fact guilty and confessed to the crime. So they have an air tight conviction against him right?  He should be in jail then right? Wrong. Somehow a judge set bail and his family posted it for him. Okay so he got out until his next court  date? Wrong again. The case got postponed, and postponed again, and postponed yet again. It has now been almost a year and this disgusting pervert is still out walking the streets.

law                                                                  At the very least, if we as a society can’t protect our children, then we are a failed society. We are not protecting our children if our legal system is going to allow an admitted pedophile to walk the streets, just because he has enough money to post bail and get an expensive lawyer. He hasn’t even joined that pedophile database yet. This person’s name is Steven Masiello. His address is 4 Jones St., Staten Island, N.Y. I think it’s my responsibility to let as many people as I can know that there is an admitted pedophile living at that address.



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