Indonesia Piece of Heaven

Indonesia ٢

one of my favorite vacation was back in 2010 after I had graduated  my Bachelor degree, I have visited Indonesia for two weeks, so I would love to share my experience about it.



Some tourists are interested in visiting Indonesia for some reason


Indonesia is located on the tropical Line and consists of two main seasons: dry and wet.
I advise you to visit Indonesia in the dry season that is from April to October in order to avoid rain and flooding. However, Indonesia remains a great masterpiece in all seasons, with than more 17,000 islands, of which nearly 6,000 uninhabited island.

The cheap cost:

Because Indonesia is a poor country, tourist not spending a lot of money for this trip. Although it is cheap for tourist, they will have a luxury trip that include 5 stars hotels and a lot of activities.

Diversity of destination:

Indonesia gives a lot of choices for tourists, so you will visit different cities that has different lifestyle. For example



The capital city that has the international airport where the tourist will come. Jakarta has the lifestyle of the capital city in which you see the building and malls and traffic.

It is worth to spend 2 days on it.


Indonesia ٣

My favorite city, Puncak is a mountain town where tourist leave in a villa that surrounded by forests, waterfalls, and beautiful nature. although  Puncak is so attractive for tourist because of the beautiful nature,  amazing activities are too attractive for tourist too. I have done a lot of activities there, but I have never forgotten when I  jumped  from the top of the mountain through the parachute and watching this distinctive city from the sky.

In Puncak, there is no hotels tourist rent villa.

I recommend spending 5-8 days on Puncak


Indonesia ٣

Bali is one of the 800 other island in Indonesia, and it is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Bali is visited by a huge amount of tourists in order to enjoy relaxation in the nature tropical forests and the fascination of its beaches. What makes Bali attractive is the beautiful beaches where tourists find a lot of water activities such us boating,
riding  horses on the beach and beaches parties.

I recommend spending 2-4 days on Bali

This is a short video about Indonesia


I spent about 2 weeks in Indonesia and it is really worth to visit to see them beautiful culture and cities.

On of my blog  can help you if you want to travel is about some basic steps for travel 


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