Becoming Viral through Photos

3681212f181d19e42cc904a4e6a76c94    The girlfriend’s photographer

Images speak louder than words,and a photo series is no exception. Murad Osmann has capture picturesque images across the globe with a very unique hallmark, following his girlfriend toward the magnificent places.

From Brazil to India , they have enlighten us with high quality shots.The project began when they were traveling in Barcelona, yet that was only the preamble of a journey. The brightness and color richness has been consistent in most their pictures,and therefore , their work has resonated through many audiences across the world.

The longing for visiting inconceivable places with a loved one is what makes the project so relatable, and shareable. Who would’t like to explore the world? I think we all have a wanderlust desire deep inside of us. When traveling we become aware of our surroundings, just as they are depicted in Osmann’s photos.







Half to half

Captura de pantalla 2015-12-05 a las 10.58.18 a.m.
Love comes in different shapes, forms and even in halves. Li Seok and Danbi Shin from south korea have been maintaining their loe in two different hemispheres of the world.





Captura de pantalla 2015-12-05 a las 10.58.09 a.m.Danbi In korea and Li in NY, they have been collaborative maintain
ing the
idea of being together through photography.The composite photos shows the time difference, though sameness in settings to contrast the other half.The idea start as a way of d
ocumenting their days as they were together regardless the remoteness.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Efrat Shamban says:

    Amazing!! I saw it last week, it makes me want study photography.

    1. biancaAvila says:

      You should , it’s a wonderful art. This guys used to be an engineer but he preferred his hobby after all, and we can consider that he is in fact successful

  2. amoytt says:

    The Korean couple is so sweet, i have a long distance relationship too, these pics really touched me~~

  3. Photos show love are always popular on the internet, and It is easily gone viral too.

    I think it is because people all want to find true love and they all believe in true love.

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