Who Are You Online?

After watching the movie, Disconnect, I am left holding my credit cards a little more tightly, and looking over my shoulder before hitting reply on an email.

Disconnect Movie Source: http://www.disconnectthemovie.com/
Disconnect Movie
Source: http://www.disconnectthemovie.com/

Behind the computer screen, it can be easy to forget that we connect with other people on the other end. People are vulnerable, and are capable of feeling just like we do. Textual communication can be ambiguous; comments, discussions, message boards, emails, are open for interpretation.

We exchange sensitive information so often on the Internet, we automatically click on links and fill out forms without even given it a second thought.

Which is why a movie centered on these issues is so important. The movie tackled issues such as credit card theft, cyber bullying and online sex trafficking. Although some of us may not be personally dealing and/or have dealt with such situations, they are still very real.

Alarm will slowly begin to creep over you while watching the movie, as it each situation ends in extremes. The Internet allows for a different way for people to terrorize each other without having to even be in the same room. The movie just illustrates the dynamics of how we choose to show our lack of humanity is through an online means.

Although an interesting and worth watching movie, I was left with a feeling of dread and determined to ensure that who I am online matches up to who I am IRL (in real life).

Who are you online?



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