China’s hippest/best photographer ??

This time i want to introduce a Chinese photographer for your guys. Her name is Chenman. Chenman was born in Beijing in 1980. She quickly showed her artistic talent when she was a child. Almost a decade ago, when she was a junior at Central Academy of Fine Arts, she had been discovered by Chinese makeup artist Tony Li,she already released a series of photograph in a famous Chinese magazine Vision. Even she had attracted wild attention at that time, but still many photographers thought she used too much post process effect and treat her as a fake photographer. On the other hand many people thought her work was not real artist.

Even though there are some negative opinions,  Chenman still become more and more popular in China and be known in the whole world.  Her style is kind of a combination of East and West style. Man is a traditional Beijing girl and married to a Chinese American. Maybe this makes her has an acute observation of both sides.

The photograph  <The Astronaut> (2004) is from her first series cover work of magazine Vision, this work had been showed as a poster of China Now Exhibition in V&A Museum of United kingdom and be collected in the museum now.

1201_1Man’s work of ID Whatever The Weather issue (2012) , this time the model was not professional model but some ordinary Tibetan teenagers.


Man likes to increase some traditional Chinese elements into her work. Like the work Long live the Motherland (2011)


Right now, Man is one of the most famous photographer in China, not only Chinese celebrities want to be her model but also many international celebrities invite her to take photo for them. Here are some works from Man.

Sophie Marceauc0ab095205688da2c4b2bca20a53a3ab



David Beckham & Victoria Beckham


Kiko Mizuhara


Li Gong


Faye Wang                                                   Bingbing Fan

1201_8 eca491159e02ce8da8b85679c5464e0e

Many people has a misunderstanding of Chinese fashion industry, consider many of them only know how to replicate western fashion style,  I will not deny these kind of things do happen in China, however the fashion industry in China is awaking, more and more people will show the real Chinese style to the world, i believe this is a tendency of every culture.

Want get more information?

Visit her website:

all the pics here are belong to Chenman.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Can Altuglu says:

    Wow, i love these photographs! Very artistic and creative!

    1. amoytt says:

      Yeah, amazing work!! Share me your favorite photographer haha~~

  2. CoolShadesGuy says:

    Such a great photography. Actually it is my favorite art expression. what is the name of that magazine with the smile face? I D?

    1. amoytt says:

      Whatever The Weather issue (2012), all the models are ordinary Tibetan teenagers~~

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