Are you too connected?

Two weeks ago, i watched a film called Disconnect. And this film definitely opened my eyes to so many things that i knew existed, but well never did really bother to think much about of. The entire plot of this film revolves around social media.

source: google

Every person today is hooked on to the social media. Every moment spent is out there on it.Each moment more and more people are actively going out there and sharing precious information of themselves with known or unknown people. This is done via usage of online social media platforms like facebook, or maybe blogs, emails etc.what people don’t understand is that once the information is out there it cannot be erased. even if you think you have deleted it from your account , there are ways and means that Everything  you put out there , can be traced! it is as simple as the click of a button.

The key issues that this film highlights are cyber theft, online child trafficking and cyber bullying. A child committing suicide because of being bullied online by his peers; and nobody not even his own family knows the reason as to why did he attempt suicide! why are Children as young as 14-15 years old engaging in online sexual activities and leaving away their education? Seeing your entire savings vanish away within a few moments from your bank account and having no idea as to what in the world caused this! Take a look at the harsh realities of today and watch this eye opening film!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. remuswang says:

    can’t agree more
    luckily, i’m not addicted to social media even we major in communication arts.
    nowadays, social media is over used

  2. reshamp says:

    Thank you remus! yes its absolutely necessary to know our limit and not go overboard!

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