Is Social Media Harmful or Not?

disconnect-header-aToday a lot of people are connected by social media. People are using social media to communicate friend, family, or even business. We have a lot of social media applications such as, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. These platforms help us to communicate in commuVisual-Content-300x203nity easily. We absolutely get a lot of benefits from them. On the other hand, there are some dark side from using those social media tools too. Some people use social media in negative way; for example, hacking personal information, posting inappropriate picture or message, or forwarding other personal secret. This can be harmful to people who use social media in negative way and the victim.

 is a drama movie presenting about using of social media in the wrong ways. The main of the story is Ben, a boy who has family problem because he thinks his family doesn’t love him. He always stay lonely with music. And another two boys Jason and Frye, who are roguish. They are making joke on Ben by creating a fake Facebook account playing role as a girl and try to flirt Ben.maxresdefault.jpg They fool Ben by ask him to send a secret picture, then they forward the picture everyone in school. Ben finally can stay with shame, so he decides commit suicide by hanging himself. And still in coma at the end.

Also an ambitious journalist, Nina who try to make a documentary about teenager job on adult only site. She meets Mike, a teen who work on the adult site. She tries to delve information about the site to make her documentary. But she has maxresdefaultto betray to journalism ethic because FBI force her to tell the secret about Mike and the adult site. So finally, she is very to children how to use social media in a right way.upset with Mike because he got into trouble because of her.

Social media has both positive side and dark side. You should consider carefully use it and give suggestion to children how to use social media in a right way.



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  1. Teresa says:

    Hi Jittapon, I agree with you, social media has negative and dark sides. We should learn some suggestions on it. Especially, children need good guides of using social media.

    1. jittapon19 says:

      Thank you for coming in my blog. Yeah, social media has a lot of benefit if we use it in the right way.

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