No Turkey Day!

Yesterday was, as you all know, Thanksgiving. Traditionally here it´s mostly known as “Turkey Day”, and here are som fun facts about this: In 2013, more than 240.0 million turkeys were raised. More than 200 million were consumed in the United States. Estimated that 46 million of those turkeys were eaten at Thanksgiving, 22 million at Christmas and 19 million at Easter.

I am lucky enough to have family here in New York, my aunt moved here 22 years ago so me and my roommate went up to Hudson Valley to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family. My aunt also turned vegan over a year ago. And yes, is the answer to the question you re thinking right now. We did not have turkey yesterday. And no, the meal was anything but boring!

nutsen ap

When we arrived to their house, we started of with a little snack to go along with the prosecco. Homemade curry-rosemary nuts, sweet potato cakes topped with black bean salsa and vegan sour cream and cashew “cheddar cheese” with crackers. The flavors were exploding in my mouth and my tastebuds got a run for their money.

After a few hours of drinking and socializing, it was time for dinner. I was very curious on what she had made since I knew the main thing on the table would not be turkey.

Dinner Menu

1st Course
Forbidden rice and delicata squash with chanterelle mushrooms
and pickled red onions over wild greens topped with harissa spiced pecans

2nd Course
Lentil Shepherd´s Pie of potatoes and turnip with maple roasted root vegetables
and roasted poblano cornbread stuffing with cranberries
Served with white fluffy bread

3rd Course
Vegan Chocolate and Pecan Pie

salad veg pie rolls salstablechoc

Safe to say, I dod not miss the turkey at all. How was your Thanksgiving? Did any of you have a meatless one?


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Efrat Shamban says:

    wow it looks so delicious!! I didn’t do anything special but I think I’m going to make me something to eat right now! 🙂

    1. sarahhjorthol says:

      It was really delicious 🙂 I did not even miss the meat!

  2. Lise Hanssen says:

    Your aunt can really cook! Makes me want to become a vegan, but I don’t know if I want to give up meat just yet! 🙂

    1. sarahhjorthol says:

      It was a lovely spread! Take one thing at a time, try and have one meat-free day a week or something 🙂

  3. Teresa says:

    Lots of peanuts, the meal looks delicious and healthy!

    1. sarahhjorthol says:

      It was both! And I did not feel like I over ate either!

  4. jittapon19 says:

    They look very healthy, that makes Thanksgiving perfectly without meat.

    1. sarahhjorthol says:

      They are super healthy, but it did not taste healthy! lol

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