Connect or disconnect

In disconnect, we can see the bad side of social media. A teen boy suicided, a couple have a troubled marriage, an ambitious reporter become online porn performers. Indeed, it is widely noted that social media have a profound impact on people’s life. However, does social media really disconnect people in real life? A article give us three main reasons.images00

Escaping reality to enjoy virtuality

we are missing out on real friends and family. We don’t care about them, because we are busy with our Facebook or Instagram feeds and likes.

According to a article called “Instagram is the most depressing social network”, ‘Self-promotion triggers more self-promotion, and the world on social media gets further and further from reality…


Today, people are able to connect and communicate anytime, anywhere. However, it seems like that we are losing the ability to be alone with our thoughts and ourselves. If you’re alone, you can reach out to your pocket and take out your cell phone. you’re not alone anymore. In my opinion, we can learn more from being alone, which help us more focus to what we have to care about, or just think deeply.

People have always been busy

Compare to two pictures below, it seems like that people have always been busy with their own life. However, I would say there is a difference is that people use it all the time and everywhere rather than a time and a place!


Of course, we have to admit that social media have so much advantages. In the end, I would like to share a speech about social media from President Obama:

Young people like you are going to define the future of this region for decades to come. And thanks to technology and social media, you’re more connected to each other than ever before. I can barely keep up with you. I’ve got to get help from Malia and Sasha just to figure out how to use the phone.  And at a time when we face enormous global challenges-from the environment and climate change to empowering women, to income inequality and small business development- we have to have your talents and we have to have your skills.’’

Thanks for social media, let me share this idea.


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