The Dark Side of Social Media

My father, who is old man,  has always told me that the social media is the worst technology in our generation. When he knew that I have Social Media Class, he was arguing me why I took this class. I convinced him how we get benefits from it and how it has changed our life, but he doesn’t like the bad said of the social media.

Although I got interested in social media that thanks to Prof William, IIMG_1271missed that social media could be horrible. I was wondering why professor William persistence to watch Disconnect, and I thought it would gives something good about social media. However, watching Disconnect
showed me the dark side of social media, and now I know why professor William wants to make sure to watch it. Disconnect demonstrated some points which make social media really bad.


Kids are victims for social media, and their families could be the reason Dis 2making them victims. When the families are not giving any attention to their kids and not supporting them they would easier prey in the dark side of social media. However, it is not just kids, parents could get devours or cheating in each other when they could not find their needs. Those needs could be found in social media, and they would be an easy prey in social media, so they could loss their money, jobs and families.


The Blackmail:

I think this is the worst side of social media, in my culture, which is Saudi Arabia, it has become a huge issue. In my country, we consider as a conservative society and you cannot imagine how blackmail is bad. In Some ِextortion cases, people died, families got devours just for those stupid people who used the social media in bad purpose.

I think this is the reason of why my father hate social media. Also, he used to live without it, and all those issues were not existed in his generation. However, movie like Disconnect can reduce the disadvantages of social media, and I hope we can make changes for our generation and the next generations.






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