One wife, many husbands!

Do you agree let man share a wife? I’ve read an article called ‘not enough women in China’. Xie Zuoshi, an Chinese economics professor, wrote in a post in his blogs, which suggests: one wife, many husbands!


You know, by 2020, China will have an estimated 30 million bare branches (called guanghgun). In my opinion, there is no doubt that the one child policy is the main reason lead to this serious problem.

According to writer, ‘there is a cultural preference for boys and widespread, if illegal, practice of sex-selective abortion have contributed to a gender imbalance that hovers around 117 boys born for every 100 girls’.U50P5029T2D465598F24DT20120508111545

Because Mr.Xie promoted the idea that we should allow poor men to marry the same women to solve the problem of 30 million Ganggun. He has been endlessly abused and removed this post from his blogs.

There are some main points argued from Mr.Xie:

  • A shortage raises the price of goods, in this case, rich men can afford them, but poor men are priced out. This can be solved by having two men share the same woman.
  • In some remote, poor places, brothers already marry the same woman, and they have a full and happy life.
  • Many gay men in China marry women to conform socially and to have children. Let these men be homosexual to save more women for bare branches.
  • If we simply leave 30 million bachelors in this country to die without children or spouses simply because of morality, wouldn’t that be dogmatic and unethical?Official-China-two-child-couple-cartoon_480

As far as I’m concerned, to a certain extent, I agree with his idea. However, I care more about what kind of policy will be made to solve this big issue by government. Of course, I believe the abandonment of the one-child policy in China will be a momentous change of people’s life in the near future.

Do you have a good idea to deal with this problem?
Do you agree or disagree with the economist’s point?

Let me know what your opinions are, thanks very much!

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  1. Kewen Chen says:

    No, I disgree. Do you agree with the question?

  2. shuangpan says:

    Thanks for your opinion, Chen! Actually, I care more about what the government should do to deal with this big issue. In my view, one wife, many husbands is impossible in China. However, the econimist’s point reminds us how to balance a relationship between with the reality and the morality in terms of gender imbalance.

  3. sarahhjorthol says:

    This is an interesting topic. As the ratio is 117 to 100, it is clear that there are too many men. But not everyone can have children, or not everyone gets married in these days. I would not force upon the option of one woman having two husbands unless the woman and the men wants it themselves. Out of free will, that it.
    And also, will the one child policy still be there? If yes, who will be the father of the two or three men?

  4. shuangpan says:

    Thanks for sharing, Sarah! That’s an interesting idea. You know,nowadays China allow all couples to have two children due to abandonment the one-child policy last month. Furthermore, more and more people like to choose cohabitation rather than marriage. In the past 30 years, 75% of American people wanted to get marriage, but nowadays it went down to 56%. There is the same situation in China. So, it’s really depends on the men and woman.

  5. jittapon19 says:

    I will never share my wife with another guy. I think they allow people have 2-3 kids in a family. That may be help this problem.

  6. shuangpan says:

    Thanks Jittapon! Indeed, having 2-3 kids is a good idea to deal with this tough issue. Actually, I’d like a big family in the near future. *-^

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