Does Social Media Really Make the World “WORST”?

Social network has been affected the minds of teenagers nowadays. Teenagers are mostly on the Internet and this is really changing theirs communication pathway with others. They are now loosing how to communicate with each other in their real life. And this becomes one of the major problems nowadays since teenagers don’t know how to use all social media in the right way.

Disconnect 1

A few days ago, I decided to watch the movie, DISCONNECT, that our professor assigned. So I decided to change a topic in my blog this time. Here, I will write my own opinion about one sub-story in this movie. It’s going to be about the social media in teenagers.


Ben boydThe story is about two boys, which have really different personality. Ben Boyd, he is very lonely and sensitive teen musician. Ben always tells himself that his family never supports him since his dad is a lawyer so he thinks his dad sees him as a silly son. His sister also tries to treat him as an idiot. So Ben becomes an introvert. He always spends his time with no one and only music. JasonOn the other hands, Jason Dixon, he has his lifestyle as a normal teenager but deep inside in his mind he also feel lonesome. Jason’s dad is a police so his dad set so many rules so he thinks he kind of always in jail. So that make Jason becomes a bad boy who has a sensitive mind.

One day, Jason and his best friend, Frye, decide to make fun with Ben. They create a fake Facebook account named “Jessica Rhony” and use this account to flirt Ben. Ben finally makes a digital love connection with this fake Jessica. But this lead Jason has a chance to talk with Ben about their family situation and they seem to understand each other. But in the real world, Jason still has to bully Ben since this is Jason and Frye’s purpose of making this account. After awhile, this thing become worse and worse. So Ben decides to hang himself and end up with coma. After that Ben’s parents try to find a cause of this situation. The story keeps go on until they know that the main reason of this whole story is about the “FAMILY”

Disconnect 3

Do you still think that social media make the world worst? I think social media can make this world smarter and smarter if we know how to use it properly. Like this story, it is not a social media’s fault. The problem was caused by the sick minds of their own, the family and the carelessness with other.



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Teresa says:

    Hi, Monoploy
    I agree with your opinion on Ben’s tragedy, his family has problem! Teenagers should get more attention from their family and more protection from the internet.

    1. Monoploy says:

      Of course, family situation is also one of a big problem but we just focus more on something else.

  2. saleh8 says:

    I think it is about the persone you

    1. saleh8 says:

      you can make social media worst and you can make it not. It is your goal determine your use of social media

      1. Monoploy says:

        I agree with you. But I think in teenager age, I think we also to educate them how to use the social media properly 🙂

  3. jittapon19 says:

    I agree with you. It is very important to give children suggestion when they use the internet.

    1. Monoploy says:

      for me it’s not only the suggestion how to use the internet. In Ben case, I could say that parents should give more time and attention to their children!

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