Social Media makes people disconnected


Internets makes this world smaller, which is the truth.

At the same time, thanks to the internet, people are able to reach everyone by social media platform, which can be a good thing. However with the over development of social media, people spend too much time on it. As the result, they might be familiar with strangers or make some on-line friends; but in reality, social media makes them disconnected with family and friends.

The movie Disconnect is remarkable, it tells people the tragic stories caused by social media. Because of the social media– a teenager suicided, a wife had an affair, a reporter had relationship with her interviewee… All the things they had done were trying to pleasure their ‘audiences’ or on-line friends, while this kind of interaction also put themselves in danger.f2d876df827d8e57d88758d6e72bedf6

Make the reporter as an example. In order to create the exclusive report, she approached an on-line porno model who was only 15. Finally she persuaded him to be shown on this interview— as expected, she created a successful exclusive report about on-line teenager erotic trade. Seems like everything was perfect for her, she got awards and became a famous reporter. But there is only one thing beyond imagination— She and that boy adored each other, and that boy deeply wanted to be with her. I can see that the reporter did like him, maybe not that much, but she wanted to ‘save’ him from the dirty job. However, at the end, they both broke. d67eb0101ba2e6af7a052e4311cce4db

As the human being, we are born to be emotional. Even we can make clear decisions about life, work and social connection, but sometime our body do not listen to our intelligent brain— body has its own feeling. The reporter planed to be officially connected with that 15 years old boy, but they turn to like each other. That wife planed to talk with someone online, while her husbands’ credit cards were stolen. These two naughty boys only wanted to make fun of another introversion boy, but he suicided……

We create social media because we want to be connected, but sometime the social media makes us disconnected and getting hurt. I would like to say that, we can use social media to watch fancy stuff or be familiar with people you are interested in, but DO NOT hurt people, and always keep yourself safe.c28123508f651890c9c3c90a82dd5cd6

By the way, even I’m going to be a PR person, I use social media rarely in person. Because compared with chatting with people online, I prefer to make connection with the REAL person, face to face is my favorite way.


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. CoolShadesGuy says:

    I can’t wait to see this movie and write about it!!! it is inspired in a true story?

  2. remuswang says:

    I’m sure that these tragic stories happened everyday. You should watch it!!! But be prepared that it will makes you feel sorrowful………

  3. Monoploy says:

    Love how you telling the story! Face to face is not my style, I’m too shy, haha.

    1. remuswang says:

      HAhahaha, I know you. You deal with complicated stuff in your way. I believe you can always fix them in a right way!!!

  4. Kiara Morales says:

    I agree with what you say about people being emotional, we all want to be validated, and heard – being online gives us that sometimes. Which us what makes us vulnerable to those who may not have the best intentions. The movie will stay with me for a while!

    1. remuswang says:

      The movie will stay with me for a long time too. Thank you for agreeing with my ideas about this movie. I believe you must have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday, can’t wait to see you !!

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