A Dog is not for Christmas, It’s for Life!

So it’s this time of year again – Christmas. My favorite time of the year. Christmas means time with my family and friends, good food and long nights in front of the fireplace. However, it is not a happy holiday for everyone. According to RSPCA, three pets get abandoned every hour over Christmas.

A dog is for life
So this is the question I ask myself all the time. Why get a puppy for christmas if you are going to abandoned it a few days later?

People don’t think about the responsibilities when they are buying a puppy for christmas. You have to feed it, walk it, pet it and love it. You can’t just get one, and if it doesn’t work out, just throw it away like trash. Just because you can’t find a place to house your pets over Christmas break, doesn’t mean you can dump it on the street and hope someone will find it.

“Christmas is one of our busiest times of year for animal abandonments – second only to the summer when birthing rates are high coupled with people going on holiday”, said a spokesperson for the RSPCA.

I think it is important to shed a light on this issue. According to Animal Rescue Centers, it is a growing problem world wide. So how can we decrease the growing rates?

romanian dog poor

  1. Stores should be more skeptical when someone wants to buy a puppy for Christmas
  2. Before buying a dog, people should really think about the responsibilities that comes with owning a dog
  3. Before buying a dog, people should check if they have someone who can take care of the dog if they are going away

There is probably a  lot more that can be done. I just want people to know that a dog is not for Christmas, it’s for life.

What do you think about the high abandonment rates during Christmas?

Till next time!




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  1. shuangpan says:

    Yeah, it’s true! That’s a reason why I don’t have any dog in my life so far. In the near future, If I have more time and energy with a stable life, I will buy a cute dog. I promise I will feed it, walk it, pet it and love it……..forever!

    1. Lise Hanssen says:

      I’m happy to hear that, and it’s good that you wait till you know you got time. That’s excatly what I’m doing too. I would love to own a dog now, but I know I wouldn’t have time for it.

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