We all disconnect

Yesterday, i watched the movie “Disconnect”. Here are some review of my opinion. At first, i thought this movie must talked about the scene that people lived without the net.  Actually not, and even worse, i think this movie is talked about the love is disconnect. After Ben committed a suicide, his father Rich went crazy, when he asked Ben’s mother “Do you know Ben’s favorite book is White Norse?” We could feel how guilty he thought and Rich also addicted to find the person who make his son suicide. Is this means love?  Unquestionable, his father love him. But their love just disconnect. Before Ben’s accident, his father work all the time, they even could’t had a dinner together.  They did not find a right way to connect their love.

Ironic, the bad boy Jason thought Ben’s father is perfect, when he fought with his father he yelled at his father that “Ben’s father is different!”


the bad boy Jason, he thought his father was a jerk. He thought his father blamed him that he quit his cop work for him. However, in order to protect Jason, his father Mike broke his professional integrity, destroyed his son’s evidence of crime. When Jason saw his father fought with Ben’s father, he knew his father love him even he made such big mistake.


The journalist Nina and the young boy Kyle, their last conversation was impressed.When Kyle asked Nina “if I wasn’t younger?” Nina still could’t answer it, and Kyle talked to Nina that “she was the one exploit people”. Yes, they came from different world, i believe Nina do want to save Kyle at last, but it still not love but sympathy or guilty make her do this. She never love Kyle.  I think this is a sign of humanity.  People good at using emotion to get their purpose.1120_8

This movie still talking about the disconnect love of people but use the social media as a platform. Nowadays, we could easily make a relationship to a ID in the net and easier to trust people online but in the real world the distance between each other are continuously extend.

When people change their Facebook profile for France flag do they think they could done more in real world than just change the profile?1120_1.jpg




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  1. Monoploy says:

    Social Media makes people both connected and disconnected but this movie only talk about disconnected part! Anyway, I think this is one of the best movies even though the name of the movies is disconnect but the three sub story are well connected 🙂

    1. amoytt says:

      yes, everything has two sides, social media actually make a lot of convenience for us, even this movie seems tell a sad story but it do help us thinks more about it and may notice us to use social media in a positive way~

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