“Tattoo” Art on Human Body

Diamond Tattoo Wiki 2Tattoo is a strange art and different from the other arts in the world because tattoo is not making on a piece of paper, wall or cotton, but it is on human body. Tattoo can be called an imagination on body. History and belief of tattoo was presumed that has begun more than thousand years. Nobody can tell when was tattoo began exactly but there are some archeologists assumed that tattoo was found by accident, human was stab by a twig and produce color on the skin.

FullSizeRenderTattoo can be found almost every country around the world. All characters of tattoo are different depending on tradition and culture of each country. Some theory says in the past tattoo was a drawn on human body to make a fear to enemy.

210302-50bb1188de240.jpgToday tattoo become a fashion and develop from the previous a lot . We can see many people who have tattoo walking on the street. It is just a normal thing. Especially in New York City, there are so many tattoo artists available for you to get one. Hundreds of tattoo shops are around the city, you can choose any style you want. Some of them are professional but some not. I would highly recommend you learn and find a lot of information before getting tattoo because it is going to stay with you all of your life.



This are the opinions that I tried to ask people about getting tattoo.

“It is dirty, better to leave your skin clean”

“Don’t get it if you don’t want people think you just come from the jail”

“Girls don’t like it bro”

“Think about when you getting old”         

            “That’s cool, I wanna get one”

            “That’s cool if it’s not too much”




11 Comments Add yours

  1. Monoploy says:

    hahaha, I love your TATTOO that why I always tell everyone about yours 🙂
    PS. nice ass hahahahahahahahahaaaaaa

    1. jittapon19 says:

      Thank you Ploy. Do you want to get one? I know some nice places to recommend.

  2. Teresa says:

    Amazing tattoo. I like colorful things. But its too hard for me let these colors on my body. lol.

    1. jittapon19 says:

      Yeah Terasa, tattoo is beautiful but you have to think very carefully before you have it on your body. It’s gonna stay with you for whole life.

  3. sarahhjorthol says:

    Wow, how long did it take you to complete this tattoo??

    1. jittapon19 says:

      It takes like for a year to complete this tattoo. I went to the shop once a month for 13 month.

  4. Lise Hanssen says:

    I really love your tattoo!! How much money do you think you have used on it?

    1. jittapon19 says:

      Thank you Lisa. I like your idea about getting tattoo that we talked about last semester too. I spent pretty much money for this tattoo because it’s so big, but I pay separately month by month. It costed $500 per session.

  5. CoolShadesGuy says:

    I think tattoos are amazing but i am afraid to try? any suggestions for a good tattoo place in NYC?

    1. jittapon19 says:

      It hurts but you’ll feel proud when you see it completed. The suggestion depends on what style you want to get. Different style different artist. Tell me what you like, I can recommend you one.

  6. Efrat Shamban says:

    I love tattoos and I have 4! already thinking about my next one! 🙂

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