7 Facts to Make You Love the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

It is the week before thanksgiving, and there is certainly a lot to be thankful for; like the safety and health of family and friends, and of course a break from classes.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/quintanomedia/
Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/quintanomedia/

Ringing in the festivities will be the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

If you weren’t previously considering attending or even watching the parade, here are 7 facts that may pique your interest.

  1. This iconic parade originally occurred on Christmas of 1924. According to ABCNews, it was comprised of Macy’s employees, with the goal of drumming up publicity for the stores. Arguably, the parade still drums up a lot of interest in Macy’s stores today.
  2. Live animals were featured in the parade until 1927, but were soon replaced by helium balloons, according to Macy’s History.
  3. It came to national televisions in 1947, allowing those who could not make it to the event to still join in the celebrations through its broadcast.
  4. Balloons come to life the night before at Macy’s Balloon inflation event. Crowds gather at the American Museum of Natural History to watch the enormous balloons get filled with helium and prepare for the show. This year it will start 4:30,PM with the last admission being 9:00PM. More details here.
  5. Over 22 millions viewers tune in to watch it on TV, so you should too! As reported on CNNMoney, the viewership of the televised event has been steady within the 22 million throughout the last few years.
  6. Parade path will extend 2.5 miles from Central Park West, 77th Street to 34th. Here is a more detailed map of the path.
  7. Your favorite celebrity might be there. Albeit, lip-synching and bearing the cold temperatures for your entertainment. In most floats, there will be a notable performer worth getting excited over. This year’s lineup includes, Shawn Mendes, Prince Royce, Rachel Platten, and others. Tune in to find out!

Admittedly, it is a highlight of my holiday, aside from the food itself. From the terrible lip lynching celebrities, to the fantastic floats, and jolly Santa Clause at the end. (My apologies for spoiling the ending, if you have never seen this spectacle!)



4 Comments Add yours

  1. jittapon19 says:

    I want to go see the parade but I don’t like to stay in crowded people. I’d rather watch it on TV

    1. Kiara Morales says:

      I agree, I prefer to avoid crowds of people, but I would like to experience the parade at least once in my life time!

  2. Kewen Chen says:

    Interesting! Did you go to see the parade?

    1. Kiara Morales says:

      I was hoping to see it this year, but went home to have dinner! One day I will see it, I look forward to experiencing it at least once in my lifetime. Will you be seeing it this year?

      happy thanksgiving! 🙂

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