‘The Danish Girl’, An Unusual Story

The Danish Girl Poster Pic from Google

Will Eddie Redmayne get 2nd Oscar for playing the transgender artist Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl movie?

Lili Elbe is a real person in human history who was a trans artist in Danish. He completed his transformation in 1931 and shocked the whole world.

Her unusual story was written by American bestselling writer David Ebershoff in his first novel ‘The Danish Girl’ in 2000. Fifteen years later, 2015, a movie named ‘The Danish Girl’ came out. Director Tom Hooper made the story visual.

David Ebershoff Pic from Google

David Ebershoff says Lili is a brave woman to do the surgery. No one heard anything like this before. Very few people thought this thing was possible. Most people didn’t realize anyone want to this. It was so new to most people.

Indeed, she is the pioneer of trans, a European.

David really wondered about what she went through. He remembered his original intention of writing this story after fifteen years. 

He went to Copenhagen to ‘encounter’ Lili. He wanted to find the sensitive reports, not sensational ones. He was so uncertain what he was doing. So he told his boss, he was looking for a friend.

He found an article Lili has really involved. That was really powerful way to read her story for him. He passed the building, looked at paintings, and captured Lili’s essence of spirit who she want to be. Here is how this novel came out.

You know what? The same kind of true story happened in China in 1995. There has a Chinese version Lili. Her name is Xing Jin which means Venus. Jin is a modern dancer Pioneer of China. She changed body into a woman at 28 years old.

Xing Jin was dancing. Pic from Baidu

She is unique. Her unusual acts and acrid words for society is popular in China. No one else like her, she is the first one to confess her identity in China. The difference of Jin with Lili is the ending. Jin has a happy ending.

She is known well as a TV celeb after 20 years later. She has her own TV talk show, Xing Jin Show, a Germain husband, and three adopted children stay with her. And now Chinese TV audiences almost completely accepted her gender identity. Jin has a different ending with Lili.

The movie The Danish Girl will release on Fri, Nov. 27. If you have any opinions on this movie, welcome to write down below~ Thank uu~


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  1. Oh my god, thanks for sharing! I didn’t know that someone took the surgery back in 1930s!

    1. Teresa says:

      Yeah I think this is also so new for people nowdays. But Anyway for literature it’s a good story to write into a novel! Thanks for your comments!

  2. CoolShadesGuy says:

    Brave Girl!!! awesome story thanks for sharing!

    1. Teresa says:

      ^_^ welcome

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