From a Small City in the Desert to a Massive city in in the World Dubai

My uncle Fahhad had been in culture shock when he visited Dubai on 2012, he has gone to Dubai twice in his entire life, but it was a long time ago when Dubai was NOTHING. IMG_4297

maybe you also be surprised by this information because I assume you have already heard about Dubai is a rich city that become one of the favorite tourists destination, but should know that Dubai , which is a city in the United Arab Emirates, was nothing at all. It was one of the worst places to live or visit.

in 1990, there were not elements for entertainment nor business opportunities just a small city in the desert. However, the UAE
government realizes that Dubai could be a great city, so they had a goal to make Dubai as what you see it today. The UAE government had to face this challenge, which cost a lot, but insistence on success and professional planning and utilizing the minds of the young people like Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum , who is the president of Dubai, drove Dubai to this succeed.

“ it is really a great story of willing read more about it if you are interested on it “

As results of this challenge, UAE achieved the goal and now Dubai is the first tourism destinations in the Middle East and one of the important tourism destinations in the world.

Nowadays, Dubai is a distinctive city that attracts a lot of people to visit, so that creates a lot of business and jobs opportunities to be a great place to live in.

Some landmark that made Dubai succeed:

the tallest tower in the world Dubai 2

largest dancing fountain in the world

The largest mall in the world

the second largest airport in the world

So what you can do in Dubai? What is the best places to live? What is the best time to visit Dubai?

Just waiting my next blog soon to find out all information you need.

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Lise Hanssen says:

    I think Dubai is a great place to visit, and they have come a long way. But I still think they should do something about their cultural ethics. Like homosexuality is illegal, kissing in public is illegal and tourists are required to obey some Muslim religious restrictions in public even if they are not Muslim themselves.

    1. saleh8 says:

      Hey Lise thank you for your comment,

      From my experience of traveling, when I visit any country I HAVE TO respect their rules, laws and ethics even if I don’t like it. It is not my culture so I don’t have to do something seem to be unusual to them.

      I’ve visited Dubai more than 15 times, there are an enormous number of people who are not Muslim, and they are not required to obey Muslim religious. I think Dubai gives them a full respect and hoping the same from them.

      Great to have you in my blog Lise

  2. Efrat Shamban says:

    It looks amazing!! maybe someday I will be able to go there 🙂

    1. saleh8 says:

      Hey Efrat thank you for your comment

      I wish you visit it, Dubai is my second home I always goes there.

      I hope my next blog give you more information about Dubai.

  3. Dubai is a super city! It is just unreal to me. It is new so it can build whatever and however they want! This is just amazing.

    1. saleh8 says:

      Hey Richard thank you for your comment

      Everything is amazing, I hope one day I meet you there

  4. Monoploy says:

    Dubai is such a wealthy city. I heard so many thing about this city from my friend when I was in Toronto. He made me really want to visit there. Hopefully, I will have enough money to go there.

    1. saleh8 says:

      I hope you visit it one day

      thanks for your comment

  5. CoolShadesGuy says:

    how many new super buildings were built in 2014? does somebody knows?

    1. saleh8 says:

      I think they didnt finished them yet

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