Spot a Sweet Place, SPOT DESSERT BAR!

One of my daily life is to find a new good restaurant and nice bakery shop. So, last week, I and my friend went to Downtown to enjoy our sweet night. The place we visited is called SPOT DESSERT BAR. This place is full of creative and tasty desert that deserve to die for! It’s located on St. Marks, a ten minute walk from NYU, a two minute walk from Astor Place (Subway Station), 6 Train.


Over there, they offer Seasonal Dessert Tapas, if you order only one Tapas it’s going to cost you $9.15. But they also offer a special promotion, 5 TAPAS for $37.95, 4 TAPAS for $30.95 and 3 TAPAS for $23.95. Since that day we only had two of us so we designed to ordered 3 TAPAS as following:

The Harvest
The Harvest

1.The Harvest (layer of berries, soft cheesecake, meringue kisses, raspberry sorbet and black rose milk tea) serve as a flowerpot and look really like a little tree. The way you are going eat this one is like you are watering the little tree with black rose milk. The taste is so soft and very yummy. I do really love this one because the present is very interesting.

Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake
Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake

2.Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake (warm dark chocolate cake filled with green tea ganache and green tea ice-cream) is their signature and even though it looks so simple but I can swear to god that this one taste so great, I can not just explain it but you have to try one.

Yuzu Eskimo
Yuzu Eskimo

               3. Yuzu Eskimo (frozen Japanese citrus cream bar, chocolate ganache, strawberries and oreo crumbs) is served in a very classic dish. The first bite of it can help you refresh yourself really well since it is a frozen bar and has a sour taste. But for this one, I did not like it that much because it is too sour for me so it was the only one that I could not finish.

So, if you have a chance to go to downtown, I really recommend you to visit this place. They have so many more menu that I haven’t discuss like hot drink, cold drink, cupcake and macarons. Believe me, this is a perfect place for you if you are thinking of dessert.

Check out others place I recommended:

Life is uncertain, Eat dessert first. ~Ernestine Ulmer


9 Comments Add yours

  1. biancaAvila says:

    Defenitely I want to check out this place. Tea lava cake looks momm momm

    1. Monoploy says:

      Check it out, so many creative and delicious desserts

  2. remuswang says:

    i knew you went there with Bellz!!!
    enjoy !!!

    1. Monoploy says:

      hahaha I always with hers

  3. amoytt says:

    TAPAS looks so delicious, i must try haha

  4. Monoploy says:

    Yes, they are delicious and another YES, you must try hahaha

  5. jittapon19 says:

    The Chocolate green tea lava cake is interesting. Would you bring me there someday?

    1. Monoploy says:

      Anytime for you, man! hahaha but you have to treat. EiEi

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