My Best Train Trip, “How I Spent it ?”

What are you doing when you are in the train? Whatching in train

I live in the east side of  Brooklyn which is 45-55 minutes far from NYIT via C train. I have always used the train to get to my school, and I enjoyed the trip  at the beginning because I have never used it before. However, now it started to be boring, there are strange people doing weird things such us talking loudly or singing. So if you are watching those strangers you would make your trip really boring and very long, so it has become like 2 hours for me  I hate it.

On the other hand, there are smart people spending their time do something in the train trip. Some of them are reading a book or news others writing something and listening to music. people read train 2

So I have to do something to be not boring trip, so sometimes I read but I don’t like it because it is noisy in the train and I cannot read in a noisy environment. 

an idea came into my mind for those boring times on the train, so I used it and it makes my trip really fast I didn’t feel the time at all.

First you have to get an application that enable you to download Youtube’s videos.

Then download a documentary  movie about anything you interested in. For example, I read a blog about Would you leave your dog with a stranger? 

then I commented for this blog and responded to me that ” The dog could have sensed that you were nervous ” I was surprising about this information, how could dogs  understand human?  then  I found a documentary from National Geographic about what animals think about humans

I had spent the best train trip ever  when I watched it, I didn’t feel boring and I learn a lot of information from this National Geographic documentary movie.national-geographic-sign

So from now on I will watch one documentary movie from national geographic to enjoy my trip.

Alos, I would love to hear suggestions if you have an idea. 


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