3 Amusing Reasons for the Starbucks Red Cup

Most are familiar with Starbucks; yes the delicious, pricey coffee, handed to us by a friendly barista who has more than likely spelled our name wrong.

Starbucks Red Cups
Source: news.starbucks.com

This week, their minimally designed red coffee cup caused a stir. As some were offended in its lack of featuring Christmas nuances as in previous years. The uproar was further fueled when Donald Trump, a Republican presidential candidate suggested for a boycott of the cups altogether, even though one of his buildings had a contract with Starbucks.

Naturally, questioning eyes turned to Starbucks for an explanation as to why Christmas had disappeared from the cups. There were some muttering responses imploring customers not to worry, that they valued diversity and inclusion, which you can read more about here.

But no clear explanation, this leaves the creative mind to wonder. Of course, as a Starbucks defender, I will offer my 3 amusing explanations for the red Starbucks cup:

  1. They ran out of design ideas! It happens, there are only so many snowflakes, snowmen, and Santa Clauses you can put on a cup to make it stand out during the holidays. Can you imagine the pressure to keep delivering on that? Okay, this is probably not the real reason, but I am sure it is a better explanation than having people boycott your coffee.
  2. Encouraging us to design our own holiday scene on the cup. As part of a statement released by Starbucks, this cup could be like a “blank canvas”. Most people seem to be heading this route already, taking to twitter and instagram to fill in the empty red space with “Merry Christmas” or unfortunately, with expletives. This could be a great opportunity for Starbucks to turn things around and engage with us and have us show them the type of holiday designs we want on our coffee cups.
  3. The Grinch is behind this. With the Christmas season approaching, it seems like a plausible explanation. We all know the green guy was never truly fond of the holiday, and made every effort to take away the seasonal adornments.

Factual or (mostly) fictional, whatever the reason might have been, enjoy your coffee, after all it is just a cup!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the idea of simple design, which means taking most of the elements and leaving the most basic stuff. The red cup is a simple design. A lot of people are against it, I like it though.

    1. Kiara Morales says:

      I agree, I like it too. I don’t think many people would have even noticed unless some, including Trump got angry. I am glad we discussed it today in class 🙂

  2. biancaAvila says:

    I love your post .To design our own design? ain’t nobody have time for that! hahah The grinch is behind that’s for sure , and are the marketing team lol.

    1. Kiara Morales says:

      thank you! I am glad you agree 🙂 there are so many great opportunities for them to respond to this creatively, although i certainly I can also understand their hesitation to also not want to offend anyone.

  3. remuswang says:

    I like you idea about the red cups!!
    well, i want to tell you a secret that Starbucks coffee in China is more delicious than in NY.
    i don’t know why but it is true…
    enjoy !!!

    1. Kiara Morales says:

      🙂 🙂 thank you, and also thank you for sharing your secret, I must try it!

  4. jittapon19 says:

    For me I don’t really care what color the cup is. I still buy coffee from Starbuck because I like it. 🙂

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