4 Secrets Amazon Use to Keep Relationship With Customers

Photo credit: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Customer relationship is a challenge for E-commercials. How to make strangers know you, visit you, sign in, buy products, and become loyal customers? That really needs skills. I’m an old user of Amazon, even a loyal customer. I buy bed, table, desk lamp, movies, books, clothes and etc. on that platform. So I summarize 4 secrets Amazon uses to keep our relationship.


Secret 1:Wish List

Amazon site offers Wish List service which can record what customers want to buy potentially. Amazon collects their data for customers. Customer can easily read their needs. It likes a personal items notebook for every customer. Customers are more likely purchase products from Wish List.

 Secret 2:Recommendations

The second secret is recommendations.  Amazon not only helps you notice your preferences you mostly likely to buy, it also analyzes your individual data to understand your tastes, how you shop and what items you need. Amazon try to build one-to-one customer relationship, targeting their customers. This part is attractive, because I always easily find the products I like.

Secret 3:Keep Track Order2

You also can keep track your order and check your order, such as order #, order date, payment info., address, delivery estimate, order total. Amazon offers these useful details for customers to check.

 Secret 4:Pop-up Ads.

Amazon sales ads randomly pops up on my cell phone, attracting you to check out them. They are faster than the email or print ads.

Marketing is an art how to analyze customers behaviors then guide them to buy more products.

Amazon knows the above 4 secrets.

If you have any idea about marketing, do not hesitate to share with me! Thank you. 😊


2 Comments Add yours

  1. saleh8 says:

    They are really doing a professional job they know exactly what you looking for

    I think there are more secrets we don’t know them.

    In my country which is Saudi we don’t have Amazon. So do you think Amazon is just For US only

    1. Teresa says:

      In China there also has Amazon, a Chinese version. Amazon also sell their products and deliver products in China. But the main targeted market of Amazon is US. I think Some secrets we do not know is how they did that. The technic level. We just can see the marketing level how they keep a good relationship with us though Internet!

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