Win 1 Million Dollars by Traveling Around the World!

1443821265_The Amazing Race

Have you ever thought about winning 1 million dollars while traveling around the world? This is not a joke. A popular TV show can fulfill your dream but it is not going to be an easy job.

TV series – the Amazing Race is very popular around the world. Especially in America , it gained so much fame and popularity of both the players and producers from the past 26 seasons of the show. In every season, 11 groups of players race around the world to fight for a single and attracting goal – the one million dollar prize for the winner. To complete all the tasks and be the first place, however, it is not that fun. Players often need to accomplish what they think it’s impossible and compete with other teams at the same time. Most of them will be eliminated during the game.

102925_d5416From the first season, the Amazing Race is one of the best TV show in American history and it grabbed a wide-range of international attention too. Since the first running in 2001, the show has been purchased by more than 10 countries and tens of different editions of competition based on the original version. I got to know this series from the 1st season of Chinese versions in 2014 and I became a super fan of the Amazing Race since then. I watched all the episodes of Chinese editions and 5 seasons, more than 60 episodes of American editions. I am crazy about this TV show and I dream of becoming a competitor myself one day running for 1 million dollars. I know it is nearly impossible, for every year thousands of people are registering for the 11 available seats every season.

I will write at least one more blog in the future about the Amazing Race, and the reason why everyone is crazy about it. Stay tuned!


The Amazing Race Wiki

The Amazing Race Fan Site


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Lise Hanssen says:

    It’s impressive that you want to join the TV Show. We have it in Norway too, and it looks really tough!

    1. Thanks Lise, yes it is tough and I need to be phisically prepared for that LOL. But anyway it is just a thought.

      1. Lise Hanssen says:

        I think it is a cool thought! Can’t wait to see you on the show 🙂

  2. Efrat Shamban says:

    We have it also in my country for the past 4 years. It looks very challenging I don’t think I would have done it.

    1. Yes it is. I love it anyway. Maybe I will not go for it, but I will at least watch it every season 🙂

  3. reshamp says:

    i have seen the american seasons too and I’m a great fan also! would love to see you on that show one day Richard:D

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