Two reasons why china’s one-child policy failed

Were you an only child?
Do you agree or disagree that china’s government abandoned the one child policy?
Do you think the government should do anything for keeping the population lower or higher?

Let me know your thoughts and choices.

Image from the New York Times

Last month, China’s government decided to abandon the one-child policy.

So, China allow all couples to have two children. We have to admit that China faces low fertility rates and aging trend in its population nowadays.

The one child policy was found since 1978, at that time, china’s population was nearing 1 billion. Chinese government has argued that too many mouths to feed would hold back the country’s development. However, more and more couples didn’t want to have children under the developed of country. This is a true. but why? According to Amartya Sen, the main reason is an increasing empowerment of Chinese women through rapid expansion of schooling and job opportunities rather than the one- child policy, which means the policy was never really necessary. I agree with her points. For years, the one-child policy was always blamed for infanticide, especially for female babies and forced abortions. Therefore, people always think that this policy triggers off the low fertility rates.

cohen_fertility3-thumb-615x533-112653However, some study show that the fertility rate had already been falling rapidly for a decade before that. Therefore, it clearly that something more than the one-child policy has been affecting birthrates in china. as Sen support that more schooling and more gainful employment both give a young woman greater voice in family decisions. In my opinion, more and more Chinese women heavy focus on education, career and health care. After all, having children is a time-consuming and a high healthy risk, especially for old woman. In addition, the couples who have more than one children have to pay a very expensive fine or lost their jobs.

However, for rich men, they prefer having more children because that they don’t care about money. For example, many teenagers in Shanghai have brothers and sisters. Under the Chinese culture, woman take responsibility to care about the family and children. An article called “the ugly wife is a treasure at home” show the same idea.

What’s your opinion? let me know. thanks!


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Can Altuglu says:

    I think it should be up to people. Government is there to represent people, not to control them. It’s all about free will and free decisions.

  2. shuangpan says:

    Thanks for your sharing. I think it depends on different country. For a small country, people have a high quality life, a well-educated and more freedom. For China, the government have to control so many things because China is really massive. Of course, we can see there is a high birthrate in South America and Africa. why? I think region and less pressure are main reasons.

  3. Kewen Chen says:

    This new policy is not that bad as what you thought. 🙂

  4. shuangpan says:

    Yes, I think so. China has a special situation of population policy. How about your country?

  5. saleh8 says:

    Is it right that now you can have two child?

    1. shuangpan says:

      Absolutely, this is a really big thing for every family. China allow all couples to have two children.

  6. jittapon19 says:

    I think having 2 children is perfect for a family. One girl and one boy, this is what I want. hahaha

  7. shuangpan says:

    Me too, having one girl and one boy is absolutely perfect! I hope our dream come true in the near future. Thanks for sharing!

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