Three Websites can Change your Life

In the world of social media, there are enormous numbers of websites, and some are helpful that you always using them social medai piclike Facebook, Youtube etc, others are just to wasted your time. Therefore, after my previous Social Media Class where Professor William Scheckel mentioned that about videos on social media, I had gathered some websites that are really helpful for you so that might make a change in your life. Also, they demonstrated videos to make you more interest. I hope you get features of those websites, and if you have more websites you can share them here.



TED is a conference or lecture hall lectures by creative people from all countries of the world such as: Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) company, Bill Clinton, Larry Page (Google) founder and many others.
The idea is that to give them 18 minutes maximum for a better lecture in their lives , actually be fascinating since they lecturing the subject that made them successful in the life, it is worth watching those short videos.

Free courses

  those sites are offering free courses in all fields in which I think is really worth courses to have. Since I got interested in social media, which thanks to my Social media class, I find courses about social media that are really helpful.  It is an awesome website guys .


3- WikiHow: is a site where you will be teaching how to do anything, it is a site like encyclopedia of how to do anything that means all articles in wikiHow begin with «how» or «How to» nearly 100 thousand articles in various spheres of life, and the video does not exceed 10 minutes, meaning is possible to hear them while you stand waiting on traffic or in subway . Also, the site is available for 60 languages.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. remuswang says:

    i like TED !!!
    thank you for your sharing !!!

    1. saleh8 says:

      you might try all of them they are helpful

  2. shuangpan says:

    I have already saved all of them. It seems like I lost so many details. Thanks for your summary and sharing.

    1. saleh8 says:

      Glad to hear that, you are welcome

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