A Perfect Way to Quit Smoking

“ If you want to quit something, do not think about it”

Even leisure time make you think about it, you should make yourself as busy as much as you can because it would help you to not think about it.

I’ve been to the US for almost two years, I left my country, families and friends just for study. I wasn’t smoker when I was in my country, but since I came to the US I started to smoke. It was because my friends and roommates, whom I had met in the US, were smokers. I thought it was habit because I had left my family and home and I would quit it soon. I thought it something easy to quit, but I was smoking for almost one year and 6 months. I tried to quit but I couldn’t even though I hate the smell of the cigarette. The quantity of cigarette had been increasing noticeably, and I started to blame myself that I am the reason behind this, and I hate that moment when I started blame myself. stock-photo-48020642-sad-girl-with-cigarette

I read an article about what happened to your body when you quit smoking, and I found that during the 48 hours of not smoking your body would need the nicotine so you feel that you need to smoke, but after this 48 hours this feeling is decreasing. Then after a week your body start to not asking for nicotine at all. My problem was the first 48 hours that I could not be fasting for that long time, so each time I stop smoke I couldn’t quit for 48 hours.

one days of the summer, I was doing my shopping at Orlando Outlet’s , and a salesman had stopped me in order to show his products. My major, which is public relations, is related to marketing so I had known exactly what he wants, but he just asked this question “ hey man are you smoker and you tried to quit but you could not! “ Electronic cigarette

That man seems to be reading my thoughts, and I was really interesting on what he said. Therefore, he showed me a product which helps me to quit. It called i-stick it is electronic cigarette with different kind of flavors. Also, you have to charge it like the phone. I do not recommend you to buy it from those salesmen you can order them online it is much cheaper. Since that day I bought this electronic cigarette I have ever smoked actual cigarettes and I had quit finally.

This blog would be not that important if you are not smoker or you don’t want to quit.


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  1. shuangpan says:

    Thank for your sharing. You know, my boyfriend is a heavy smoker. I really worry about his health. I was very curious about what happened to your body without smoking. After reading your post, I knew it. By the way, could you recommend that article you mentioned in your post. Thanks very much!

    1. saleh8 says:

      I hope your boyfriend quit


      this is the article but there more you can google it

  2. Teresa says:

    I didn’t smoke, so I am curious why those people are so addictive. Smoking is unhealthy for them.

    1. saleh8 says:

      It is good for you to be not smoke

  3. Monoploy says:

    I hate the smell of cigarette too but I never addict to it. But still I now love smoking with my vapor. It smell so different. I try to correct more and more vapor right now.

    1. saleh8 says:

      it is good for you, I wish you luck

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