Where did all the noise come from?

As I have mentioned before, I don´t mind Mondays at all, in fact I love them. Opening the blinds and seeing the grey weather today gave me the perfect opportunity to read the Vogue magazine that I have neglected for the past week.

I made my breakfast, and could not wait to sit in the couch with nothing but peace and quiet around me. I haven´t read an actual magazine in a while, as I spend a lot of time online, so I was very much looking forward to this.

I proceed to open the magazine, flipping through the pages, okay ads. And ads. Another ad. Oh, more ads? I flip and flip and flip, and what do you know. M O R E   A D S. When I got to page 50 there is half a page with content, and guess what else? Another ad! I flip all the way to page 110 before there is any text, in this case it was Letter from Editor. I had to proceed all the way to page 134 before the first, real editorial piece came up. I gave up.


I then decided to go on Instagram, being a millennial I can´t just eat my food without some form of entertainment,  and here we go again… The first thing that pops up. You will never guess what. ADS! I go on Facebook, more and more ads.

Vogue3Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 11.21.27

I understand that the magazine industry is suffering, and I personally believe than within 5-7 years we wont have printed media any more, and they need some sort of life line to survive. But the digital industry is here to stay and now it just feels like a groundswell of sh*** they are pouring out left and right. I can´t escape the ads. Some of them are good and I don´t mind them, but all the other things are just white noise in my everyday, digital world.

So my question to you is, are we heading in a positive or negative direction here?


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  1. Kewen Chen says:

    I love VOGUE Magazine. A well-designed magazine. 🙂

    1. sarahhjorthol says:

      Absolutely, but I am missing editorial content!

  2. Lise Hanssen says:

    I think we are heading in a negative direction. Todays digital world depends way too much on ads. That’s my opinion!

    1. sarahhjorthol says:

      I agree, there is too much advertising.

  3. Efrat Shamban says:

    I have a kindle and I still prefer stopping at Barnes & Noble and buying a book. It’s a different experience.

    1. sarahhjorthol says:

      That is what I prefer, too. Holding the book or the magazine, because I want to read it. But there are just too much ads now.. At least for my taste!

  4. amoytt says:

    Everywhere Ads now, and i prefer to read a real book than e-book!!!
    Btw ur toast looks so good.

    1. sarahhjorthol says:

      I agree, it feels more authentic. Haha, it was very good!

  5. Teresa says:

    Um, I think sometimes the fashion magazines likes thick booklets of big brand’s ads~~

    1. sarahhjorthol says:

      That was kind of my point, Vogue is not what it used to be.

  6. Monoploy says:

    I think it never gonna be like positive or negative. More Ads, we know more. But the thing is some Ads that we’re not interesting in, they annoys us. And that’s how Ads work.

    1. sarahhjorthol says:

      Of course, and I agree! I just miss the old magazined where you could read more than seeing ads.

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