The Cutest People On The Earth!

When you see this title ‘The Cutest People On The Earth’, will you think of some cute celebs. Like singer Justin Bieber, the actor Josh Henderson(The Jerk Theory, 2009) or The TV night talk show host Jimmy Fallon(The Tonight Show). They all looks cute, right? At least for girls.

When I stay in the dormitory, close the curtain, stretch myself on the bed, and see the youth comedy movie ‘The Jerk Theory’. My roommate asks me curiously, ‘why you always see this movie? Did you think that boy is cute?’

Well, obviously, he’s cute. But today I write some person who have different kind of cute. I collect parts of their hilarious moments here.

Pic from gettyimages

1. Girl Macey Hensley

A little girl is from Council Grove, Kansas. She really love all the presidents of US. Her Mama got a White House Cake for her 5th birthday. When 2016 president candidate Hillary met her, she wears a same kind of suite, like a Mini-Hillary. This Halloween, she dresses up as Lincoln.

A TV host asks her, “Macey, what do you want to do when you grow up?”

“Become president.”

“I would love that, and why do you want to become president?”

“So I can eat all the candy I want.” “………”

The funny live video.

“Adam didn’t marry!” Pic from Youtube

2. Girl Mila

A 3-year-old girl Mila was sadly crying when her mother tells her Adam Levine got married.

She can’t accept the fact and reply to her mommy,

“Oh No…Adam didn’t.”

What we learn from this story is ‘ Love has no age boundary…’ LMAO.

Here is the cute video.

“Where are you hiking?” “The liquor store.” Pic from Facebook

3. A Hiking Old man

A old man who walk with a backpack and a cane gonna to hike. The photographer asked him,

“Where are you hiking?”

He said,

“The Liquor store”


Dream never be too small or too late.

Check the picture on Facebook.

4. The Selfie Couple-“Did you hear a click?”                                                              

“Did you hear the click?” Pic from Youtube

Rita and Frank try to take a selfie for Frank’s 84 birthday on their new Mac. But mac records the adorable moments of them. They’re funny and cute oldies.

Rita: “Do you hear clicking?”

Frank: “No…”

Rita: “Here it is, ohhhh, we got the way..16,15,14,13..hey Frank get closer.”

They stand still for a few seconds.

Rita asked again: “Did you hear the click?”

Frank: “No!..”


The hilarious video “Do you hear clicking?”.

After seeing their adorable words, is there BIG BIG smile on your face? 😊


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lise Hanssen says:

    I was actually on the set when Hillary Clinton and Macey Hensley were guests at Ellen Show 🙂 So cute!!!

    1. Teresa says:

      OMG…how did you come to the show? Did you get Target gift card..coz I often watch she gives Target cards to audiences on the set….lol

  2. Haha those videos are hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Teresa says:

      Thank you too!~

  3. Kewen Chen says:

    Good recommendatio, It is interesting. 🙂

    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks. Haha.

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