November, everyone focus on these Movies!!!

First movie is Spot Light1102_13, this movie will release on Nov 6, it is based on a real news on The Boston Globe, and this news won the Pulitzer Prizes. The story focus on the child abuse in Catholic Church of America. This movie was directed by Tom McCarthy,  who has been nominee of Academy Awards, another highlight of this movie is its all-star cast, The Avengers Hulk —Mark Ruffalo ,Birdman —Michael Keaton, The Notebook —Rachel McAdams. And this movie not only talks about the child abuse also has violent criticism about the ugly side of religion.

Here is the Spot Light’s trailer:


Second one is Trumbo, which will be released on Nov 6 too!! You maybe not familiar to Dalton Trumbo, but you must know the movie Roman Holiday, ExodusThe brave one and Spartacus, he was the writer of all these movies. Behind the honor, Trumbo lived in a hard life for a long time. He has been put in prison and was in the blacklist of government. His work Roman Holiday and The brave one all won the Academy Awards but not awarded for him. Until 1960, the government end the persecution of Trumbo. This movie was directed by Jay Roach, and the cast are Bryan Cranston and Oscar-winner Helen Mirren.

Here is the Trumbo’s trailer:

The third one is Brooklyn1102_7, this movie tells a moving story about a young Irish immigrant girl, she came to New York in 1950s, and she wants to build her wonderful life in New York. What kind of life she will choose? Amazing big city or Peaceful small town?  This movie was directed by John Crowley and the actress is Saoirse Ronan,  her good acting has won her high praise, this movie also won a good reputation in Sundance Film Festival.

Here is the Brooklyn’s trailer:

Hope you guys would like these movies.

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Efrat Shamban says:

    I bought the book (Brooklyn) last week, I hope I’ll finish reading it before the movie comes out.

    1. amoytt says:

      hah, seems like book always better than movie so i always watch the movie first ~~

  2. Monoploy says:

    The first and third are truly interesting, wanna watch them soon.

    1. amoytt says:

      Yeah. I can’t wait haha

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