Tragedy Train Ride To Blood manor

So with the Halloween season everywhere, my roommate and I decided that since I’m new here I must definitely do something to get a feel of this festive season.

I mean in my opinion it just didn’t sink down as to why people here dedicate an entire holiday to trying to scare away people! : P because as per my knowledge festivals always have some logic or message that’s why it is celebrated.IMG-20151020-WA0006

Well so coming back to the topic of Halloween after browsing through a list of options that the city has to offer, we decided to go to a haunted attraction by the name of Blood Maner on this Sunday.

We booked our tickets for  Sunday 19th October 2015 at 8 pm. Being really excited i left home way early than the scheduled time. It was all planned. I had to meet my friends at 42nd at 7.30 pm Times Square station and from there take an E train uptown to spring street.

trying to figure out the correct route
trying to figure out the correct route

But well turns out the fates had something else planned for us. So it turned out that the E train was not working, and we were advised to take an A or C train. So as per that we took an A train but turns out the A train was following its path after which it would switch to the path of the F train! And this we realized after about spending 15-20 minutes in the train.

Well we got off at the next stop and took the C train as per people’s advice. And guess what! This train too was not following its path! It was following the path of the F train!! So well after switching 4 different trains in total and having to walk a lot we finally arrived at the destination at 9.00 pm

But they were understanding of our plight and gave us admission inside! So I’m definitely not going to be a spoiler for you’ll and tell you’ll all the details! But all I can say is that the actors inside did an amazing job! they seemed like professionals! and their costumes were amazing!! The kind of lighting inside added to create the desired effect. My roommate was clutching me and and screaming (and well so was I : P ) all the while .IMG-20151020-WA0010IMG-20151020-WA0009

So overall it was about a 20-25 minutes’ walk inside the manor, good experience in totality, very friendly staff.  So i think you should definitely give it a try! It may work for u as it did for me! 🙂


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  1. saleh8 says:

    Wow that is excited i saved it and I will try it one day but what do recommend what is the good day to visit it?

    1. reshamp says:

      weekend nights are the best time to visit id say . But the train schedules are messed up on those days, so its better to do your research on that before you leave 🙂

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