The ugly wife is a treasure at home


Recently, I read an article called ‘the ugly wife is a treasure at home’ by Schneider, which was really attracted me to think more. It is common knowledge that every man wanna to look for a  girlfriend who is beautiful, attractive and friendly. However, a common marriage in China is very different.

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According to Schneider, under the Chinese beauty standards and family values,  most rich man are looking for woman who take care of children, care for his parents and cook the food. So, it is not very important his wife is a physical attractive person. Put in another words,  the function of wife is to take care of family and continue family line rather than a sexualized or sentimental concept. Compare to that, a beauty woman is kind of high risk in the marriage. Schneider supports that this kinds of women want to spend more money for clothing and cosmetics, which means they focus more on themselves rather than family, parents and children. Furthermore, a beauty woman often trigger off some high risks for her marriage, especially for wealthy man, that is a tragedy! I agree with this view. After all, under the collectivism of eastern , it is common situation that the  key role of wife is to take care of family and children. However, different country have different family values and culture. How about your country? Do you agree with this point of view?


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  1. I think it is completely illogical to believe that just because someone is physically attractive, that means that they only care about their looks and can’t focus on marriage and family.

  2. shuangpan says:

    I think so. some beauty women have a ability to care about theirs looks and care for their family at the same time. But, majority wealth man in China prefer looking for a ‘ugly’ wife rather than a beauty woman. This is a true. So, that’s why writer want to study this phenomenon…

  3. saleh8 says:

    I wish we live in peace, unfortunately it happens everywhere but as you said in some cultures is not usually happen

    I am from a culture in we try to do everything to protect the women.

    1. shuangpan says:

      Thanks for your sharing. I hope women have more human rights and equal terms with man.

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