Middle Finger to Society

Is this real? The privileged people assure to maintain their power by an elaborated plan of disguising the mainstream from the truth. Capitalism, loans, exponential growth of technology, love in a form of a pill are just the medium to keep their wealth on the back of others, Society. This premise is what made the bizarre series Mr. Robot a successful phenomenon this year. Sam Esmail creator and director, and start Rami Malek participated in an in-depth interview, as a way for communication students to connect with the minds behind the screen.
Conversation with Mr.Robot

Sam Esmail based the premise of the series on the spring Arab, democratic uprising in 2011. He is Egyptian, and most of his cousin are tech-savvy people that leveraged technology in the movement to bring about a significant change. Therefore, the channeled anger of these people inspired him to create Elliot. The emotion is evident on one of sam Esmail’s favorite clips. Eliot has broke the system, and finally diffuse the message “f*ck society.” A message that made everyone wonder even before the series had aired.The following audio Sam Esmail explains his opinion on his song choice.

The marketing strategy utilized by the network was very remarkable. They streamed the pilot episode nearly a month before the series started. They sought for an expansive effort to reach a broader audience through the word of mouth.On the other hand, The Sam and Rami discussed the dynamics on the set, and their career advise for people interested in the field.


“I just felt within , emotions that i couldn’t have had elsewhere,and the communication with the audience it was especial. This is a way to live , and here I am now. “Rami Malek

“There is a lot of failing out there, but for the most part I think what really helps is to get all the trying out of the way to get the good ones. Be honest with yourself during the whole process.I didn’t have a plan B career as most of my friends, it’s been more of the do or die attitude for me.” Sam Esmail

I personally believe Mr.Robot  is one of the most mind-blowing TV series because of the premise behind it. The characters tackle new individuals that weren’t really portrayed on television before. Moreover, the outstanding performance of the actors translates incredibly fine from the script to the screen. By and large, I can’t wait to see a second season of the series, and I was pretty excited that I even took a picture with Rami :). Comment on the section below about your thoughts on their advice.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Can Altuglu says:

    I’m sure it was a nice experience to hear about to show and the ideas from the creator himself! I love your picture with Rami!

    1. biancaAvila says:

      In fact it was, I don’t think Rami acts on the series though :p.

  2. amoytt says:

    What a nice experience to communicate with the creator and actor face to face..
    Like your post!!

    1. biancaAvila says:

      An unique experience indeed. What’s your favorite tv series?

      1. amoytt says:

        so many, like black mirror, inside No.9, game of thrones

      2. biancaAvila says:

        Good genres . As I have told you before , I defy going to start watching n.9

  3. reshamp says:

    Well i must say that i have no idea about Mr Robot but while i was reading this post out aloud as soon as my roommate heard the words Mr robot and Rami Malek all she said was ‘” you must watch this show resham & oh well Rami is really hot” :p so its on our bucket list to watch it together thanks to you 🙂

    1. biancaAvila says:

      Awesome , I’m glad you are giving it a chance. Let me know what you think of the pilot :).

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